Drowning in grumps

So the last couple of days I’ve been drowning in a funk.  Not depression, just a bad mood really. My loved one suggested I take some time for myself and do “me” things. So I did. It worked for a little while. Then I was back to the grumps. Sensible loved one that he is, he then suggested a good romp in the sack. That also helped for a little while. But then I was stuck imitating Oscar the Grouch again. So I did a bit of thinking.

An Adult Learning Facilitator once told me the best way to get rid of a bad mood was to “just hum.” Doesn’t matter if it’s in tune, doesn’t even have to be a song. Just hum. The combination of the sound and vibrations is supposed to release endorphins or something, I suppose. Well, as remedies go, it’s not gonna hurt anything, doesn’t cost anything, and it definitely could help.

I started to hum. I found myself humming a certain song. I put said song into the CD player and started to sing along. Before long, I found myself doing some household chores I was neglecting. I started to feel better. I even started composing this post in my head.

I’m feeling more confident now, and a bit more positive. Perhaps I will have to surround myself with happy sing-a-long music today until the grumps go away.


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