10% Dead?

I was blog-hopping (is there a more correct term for that?) and found one that a chiropractor wrote on the idea that people are walking around 10% dead if they haven’t been to a chiropractor lately. Wha?

I haven’t been to a chiropractor lately (my parental units are big into chiropractors so I used to go) and I can tell you that having my back cracked did not make me feel less dead. Neither did it find my high cholesterol or heart issues. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even find the problem with my right leg, which, since it was a skeletal/muscular issue, he should have found.

But I’m not wanting to rant about chiropractors. This 10% dead issue, though, has me pondering. Do I feel 10% dead? If I did, would I notice? If I went to the doctor and said “I feel 10% dead” what would s/he do or test for?

And if you feel more than 50% dead, are you done for? How does one lower the percentage?

Can you feel 100% alive even as an amputee? or if your appendix, adenoids, tonsils or gall bladder have been removed?

Is 10% dead that gut feeling that something just isn’t right?

Questions, questions. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this one.


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One response to “10% Dead?”

  1. Rob says :

    I, for one, have a problem with my left leg… I feel that it is a dead weight just pulling me down. 😛

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