Suckers for Humiliation

Reality TV has been around a long time now. Surely everyone with a TV set has seen at least one episode and knows how these things work? Knows that the editors will highlight any and all discord (no matter how slight) and skew the editing to favour the participants they like, and create hate mail for those they don’t.  When it’s a voting competition, they edit so that you will vote for the ones they want you to vote for.

And yet, people STILL apply to be on these shows. It boggles. I’ve even heard someone say “I need a new house. I’d better start doing some charity work so I’ll qualify for Extreme Home Makeover” in all seriousness. (To be fair to EHM… they seem to be able to weed those ones out.)

I just can’t see myself thinking “I need help with my parenting. I think I’ll apply to be on SuperNanny” or “Wow, I’ve got a lot of stuff. Maybe Hoarders can help me.” or “I’m having a wedding. I’ll apply to be on Bridezilla.”  I cannot fathom how the money or the notoriety would be worth it.


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