2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony – WTF?

The Canadian National Anthem is not meant to be sung sllloooowwwwllly. Please repeat that. The Canadian National Anthem is NOT meant to be sung sllllloooowwwllly. It is a march. Ya know, fast-like.  Happy. Triumphant. Joyful. Nikki Yanovsky is a lovely singer, I’ll give you that (even when lip synching)  but it broke my heart to hear my lovely National Anthem sung like a dirge. And don’t try to tell me they did it like that for Nodar Kumaritashvili. It was practiced and recorded that way before the tragedy.

And on that note, opening ceremonies (especially light-the-fire ceremonies) should be fast-paced, exciting, get-the-blood-racing, inspiring, cheering, events. Rah Rah Rah, Let’s go Team, We can Do this!

So WTF was that? SSlllllooooowwwwww and pretty boring in spots. I kept waiting for the Rah Rah Let’s Go Team stuff. The “I’m proud I’m Canadian and we’re gonna win!” type stuff.

I really enjoyed the First Nations portion of the program, where all the First Nations entered in full regalia, dancing and singing and banging the drum together. (Ice Sculpture Totems rising and falling like phalluses from the ice is another story… ) I would have really liked to see more of that. More First Nations singing. More First Nations dancing.  Surely as the hosts of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, it would have been more appropriate for youths of each Nation to walk each country in?

The program was disjointed and had no clear flow from one section to the next. Here, again, I would have liked to see more involvement from the First Nations for each part of the country represented.

By the way, if you’re a famous singer and you’re gonna lip sync, please make an effort to match the words to your lips. I’m talking to you, Bryan Adams. Don’t get me started on the lip sync Opera Hymn. It wouldn’t be pretty.

While I was hoping for a bit more of the “I AM CANADIAN” rant, the poetry section worked for me. What true Canadian doesn’t feel a swell of pride at the words “True North, Strong and Free?”

Finally, kudos to the final torchbearers who waited patiently and with aplomb when the phallic beams for the Olympic Cauldron didn’t work properly. And fantastic that The Great One lit the final torch (which looked like it wasn’t going to work properly either, but did in the end).

Still, I would have done it much differently. I would have tried to generate a lot more excitement and got everybody fired up and ready to go. Momentum. That’s what it needed. Build up and momentum! What I saw there (for the most part and excluding the parts I’ve mentioned) was a ho-hum, boring display. Sad. I hoped for more, Vancouver!!


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