My superhero talent

Imagine the power to be able to “read” what people *need*. Not what they think they need, but what they actually need. The first time I thought about this I was watching The Wedding Singer, when the guy with the Michael Jackson jacket says “I just need somebody to hold me and tell me it’s going to be okay”

So you as the superhero, you’d be able to see that the robber doesn’t really need money, but to find his long lost mother. The bully at school needs to learn how to play guitar. The annoying boss needs an allergy test that will tell him he’s allergic to the apple juice he’s always drinking. That guy who looks like he’s drunk is having a heart attack and needs a doctor. Or you can see that the evil serial killer needs to Kill Somebody Right Now.

But you’d have to be a good superhero, and not a villain with this power. Imagine who you could manipulate if you were a bad guy and knew what everybody needed. That’s pretty scary.  That kind of bad guy would always be one step ahead of you cuz he can always see what you need right now. Whether it’s bad guy’s identity, a gun to shoot him, a plan, backup officers right outside the door…

And I can imagine it would be pretty draining to be a good guy with this power, too… always knowing what people *need* and feeling like you need to help them, or stop them.

Good thing there isn’t really any such thing as superpowers, eh!!


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