Glimpse in the corner of my eye

While I was driving my car tonight it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked my rear view mirror for a time. (I was taught that a driver should check it often in order to know what’s going on behind you.)  So I checked, but to my surprise discovered I already knew what was there. Same for my right side mirror (cuz I drive on the left side of the road and sit on the right side of the car).

I knew what was in my mirrors already because of my peripheral vision. As I realized this, I noticed that I was constantly using my peripherals to see what was behind and beside me.

Most people use their peripherals without really noticing it. It’s that glimpse in the corner of your eye that tells you something’s sneaking up on you.

I really notice it, though, when I try to play a First Person POV game. I hate not having peripheral vision in those. Sure, you can HEAR the monster chomping on your butt, but you can’t SEE it!!

I also notice the lack of peripheral vision when I wear my sunglasses. The arms are very wide and block my view.

Apparently there are exercises you can do to improve your peripheral vision. I know that blowing bubbles helps kids develop their visual tracking. I haven’t tried any of them, though.

I’d like to see a video game that includes the peripheral vision.


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