Thinking in Pictures/Thinking in Words

According to The Visual Spatial Resource people either think in pictures or words. Not both.  At least, as far as I can determine from their website, that’s what they think. Audio-Sequential learners (people who think in words) work well with the current education system, and Visual-Spatial learners (people who think in pictures) don’t, and are also “gifted”. I assume this is because they “think out of the box” more often than word learners.

But nowhere on the site can I find any reference to people who think with both words and pictures, even though a quick poll of my Facebook friends revealed many who say they do.

I see both pictures and words in my head. It seems to depend on what I’m doing. If I think “I need milk, I need to go to the store,” then I don’t get words. I get a little mini movie of an empty milk bottle in my kitchen, and me getting in my car and heading out to the grocery store.  But if I’m thinking about writing in this blog, then I think in words. Specifically, the words I’m going to use to write to you, my reader.

And then there’s the times I get both… like a child’s picture book in my head, with the words at the bottom of the page or hanging about in the sky and the pictures prominent in the middle.

So where does that leave me? Audio-Sequential or Visual-Spatial?  There is a list on an article at the Visual Spatial Resource. Supposedly if you hit 9 items on either side of the list you can figure out if you are one or the other. I have 9 items on either side of the list, ignoring the word/pictures question.

So, both?  And yet, there’s no allowance for anyone to be both.  Both my brains (right and left) are obviously a bit confused.


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