What’s missing in a sea of books

I went looking for some very specific books today. I didn’t find them. It may be I was looking in the wrong place – after all, I was at the library, not a bookstore. But my latest foray into the bookstore did not uncover these kinds of books either.

Seems to me that I’m always a bit ahead of the times. In 2001, when I got married, we wanted a Dragon themed wedding. Dragon stuff was few and far between (even chinese dragon stuff) and we ended up making most of what we wanted. If I was planning a wedding today, I know I could find everything and more that I wanted for my 2001 wedding. Never mind that I neither need or want it now.

I suspect that it’s the same thing with these books I want. They aren’t written yet, and by the time they appear, I won’t need them. Some smartasses people might suggest I write them myself.  Well, geez, if I knew anything about these topics I wouldn’t need the book, right?  And I don’t want to spend my time researching and writing the book – I’ve got loads of other jobs that need doing!

Even still, I shall write what I need here so that somebody somewhere will write them… and somebody else can read them.  Cuz by the time they’re available, I’ll be looking for the next thing that hasn’t been done yet!!

  1. Creating Kids Bento from food my children will eat, that does not require utensils to consume, that does not contain a lot of processed food or additives, and will not take me a day and a half to create. Don’t know what Bento is? Check this out.
  2. Fiction about Moms who are in a happy loving relationship and the conflict is about things outside the family, not within it (ie, PTA problems, inlaw problems, neighbour problems, being supermom). Not everybody is a single mom or a divorced mom, ya know?
  3. How to take what you know you’re good at and turn it into a job. Most career books talk about finding what you’re good at. What if you already know and you want to translate it into a job, but you have no idea what job requires those skills? Even a modern list of job opportunities would be nice. Most of what I found was very outdated in terms of job ideas.
  4. Some Fantasy or Sci-Fi that is not based on (or has the same themes as) Harry Potter, Tolkien, CS Lewis or the Twilight series. It’s getting old. I’ve read them. I liked them. Time to move on!!

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2 responses to “What’s missing in a sea of books”

  1. Don says :

    I can help with the last one….

    Anything by Joe Abercrombie, but specifically the First Law series.

    HARD fantasy, with almost nothing at all in common with any of the ones you mentioned and fantastically well-written, to boot. Some of the best characters I’ve ever found in any genre, let alone fantasy.

    The Bloody Nine alone is … well, just read it.


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