Zigzags in the eyes

So it was with much relief that the big pink elephant has diminished in size – it’s still there, but others on the team have started asking questions and taking responsibilities, which makes the elephant get smaller.

Sorry those of you who wanted to know what the elephant is – I can’t be too explicit because The Emperor has access to this blog. 😉

Yesterday I spent all day partaking in one of my favourite activities – reading.  It’s just like Rebecca’s mother in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm – if there’s a book I haven’t read in the house, housework and everything else tends to get ignored.

I was reading one of Robin Hobb’s latest, Dragon Haven, and one by Heather Howard, Chore Whore. Yes, I finished them both in a day. See sentence above about everything else getting ignored.

Unfortunately, late last night all that reading caught up with me. I was about to write another blog entry (that will no doubt come later instead) when all of a sudden, the dreaded zigzags appeared.

Those of you who know about Migraine Auras know exactly what I mean about the zigzags. The first time I saw the zigzags I was pregnant with my littlest, shortly after I read a book from cover to cover. Now it is nearly guaranteed that if I read for too long, the zigzags will appear.

I couldn’t resist the books though.

Fortunately, it *was* late at night when the zigzags appeared. I turned the computer off without writing my blog entry ( that one will come later), took some migraine painkillers and went to bed. Cuz there’s nothing better than a dark bedroom and a long sleep for a migraine. And I am much better today.

Now I just gotta train myself to take it slower with the books, so that the zigzags stay away!


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One response to “Zigzags in the eyes”

  1. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    For me it’s prisms – they start from the left side and progress to the right, and I’ve got about 5 minutes before I can’t see at all. Fortunately I rarely get migraines anymore now that the hormones have settled down, and yep, a dark bedroom, Advil liquigels and LOTS of blankets on top of me usually chase it away.

    I know exactly how it is to be unable to put a book down. If I can put it down, it’s not worth picking up in the first place.

    Cheers to a fellow bookworm! 😉

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