Wind and cabin fever

I’m stuck inside with one poxy kid and another who is currently fine but will have pox any day now. I’m slowly gaining cabin fever and so is my unsick (as yet) littlest.  It doesn’t help that outside it’s windy, cold and raining.

I remember where I grew up I loved the wind. I would stand in it and let it blow through my hair. I enjoyed the feel of it in my face. I loved walking in the wind.

I said as much to a coworker when I still lived in Canada. And he scoffed. “That’s because you haven’t felt real wind.” I was skeptical. How could wind be awful?

He explained that where he grew up (South Africa) the wind travelled faster. It took off roofs, blew things away, blew people down. I could not fathom the concept. Surely not? The wind blew pretty fast where we were.

But here in New Zealand, I understand what he meant. The wind whistles past the building, and rattles the tiles on the roof. It moves the chairs on the deck and threatens to knock anything over that isn’t stable enough to stay upright. Branches of trees fall down. It sounds nasty. It feels cold. And when I stand with my face to the wind it isn’t the pleasant wind I remember from Canada.

So now I watch the wind from inside, as it blows hard around my house, and drives the rain onto my windows. And hope that the pox will be gone soon so we can go out again!


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2 responses to “Wind and cabin fever”

  1. granny1947 says :

    Your friend must have lived in Cape Town where we get some pretty vicious South Easters….I love them.
    Hope the kids are better soon.

  2. MOMSICLE VIBE says :

    Oh boo! That sounds not fun at all 😦 I am NOT a fan of wind. Apparently disliking wind is an Aries trait, who knew? The wind here on Vancouver Island can get nasty at times. So nasty, that just yesterday it knocked my daughter to the ground where she smacked her little nog on the concrete. Now I officially despise thee, Wind!

    Feel better!

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