Sing, sing a song …

Jenn over at You Know… that Blog? has me thinking about singing again. I’ve been singing most of my life – in and out of choirs – and I miss it. I never seem to miss it enough to haul my butt over to a local choir, though.

My last attempt at a choir was a Sweet Adeline barbershop group – The Lions Gate Chorus. Believe me, they are absolutely awesome and talented. I never felt like I fit in!! (They would argue that, I’m sure). But really I think it was because I didn’t “get” barbershop. It’s a certain style of singing and while it sounds wonderful, it’s not my favourite style to sing.

My favourite style is madrigals and church music, even though I’m not what you’d call religious.  One choir I was in did madrigals nearly exclusively … and I was in heaven!!

I’d really love to see if there’s a way to combine the music of the madrigals with the fun, the expression, and the movement of Sweet Adeline Barbershop.  I always had so much fun doing barbershop, even if what I was singing didn’t excite me.

But now Jenn has inspired me… maybe I just need to find some people nearby who just love to sing, too, and will sing with me. Maybe they’ll even love madrigals like I do.


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7 responses to “Sing, sing a song …”

  1. JDaniel4's Mom says :

    Thanks for stopping by. I try to sing when I am frustrated it helps me have a different mind set.

  2. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    Awww! I’m so glad I’ve inspired you!

    I too have sung all my life, and then life got in the way (marriage, kids, work, etc.) and it fell by the wayside. I certainly felt the void it left though. I never felt complete, or totally happy when it was missing from my life.

    I joined a choir (the trick and hard part is to find the right one for you) and then I found 3 other wonderful, fabulous people in that choir to branch out on our own with Main Street… plus the accompanist for that choir also joined us… BONUS!! We also now have 2 guitar players and a drummer who want to join us from time to time, which is exciting. We do all sorts of music, and I agree that Madrigals are wonderful. We have a couple in our arsenal now. We prefer “Adult Contemporary” but we have also been asked to sing in our Bass’s church as special guests, and of course we do weddings, wakes, etc. as well as our own concerts, so really, you have to do it all to accommodate, right?

    Starting your own group is the right thing to do, and I think you should definitely go for it!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Broot says :

    Yes. My trouble with the local choirs is that I’m either too old or too young for most of them… there doesn’t seem to be a choir where my age group fits in. Will have to do a bit of hunting around, I think, to find people. 🙂

  4. Kita says :

    I dont know you but sing! Find people! I am constantly trying to get people interested in singing with me. My step sister is a great musician and is no longer into it and it really bums me out that we dont get to play anymore. 😦

  5. Simone says :

    Good onya Broot!
    Music is wonderful soul food.

    Thanks for your great comments on my blog – I’d LOVE for your kids to join in KidsClick… yay!

    We didn’t really get storm or flooding here where we are; just lots and lots of rain and wind, but no damage done, no schools closed or roads blocked.

    We’re in mt Albert AKL, How about you?? Where are you guys?

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