Snoring sucks

So there I was, happily ensconced in a comfortable dream where a friend of mine was *just* about to give me the answers to something  I needed to figure out.


Startled, I moved, sleepily wondering why my hubby had nudged me. Then it clicked. I was snoring again. So, as I usually do when this happens, I waited for him to go to sleep first, so I could go back to my snoring sleep. With one problem. He wasn’t going back to sleep.

Most people don’t like to admit they snore. But I know I do. I’ve woken myself up with it before. I come by it honestly, though. All four of my grandparents snore. Both of my parents snore. My brothers & I all snore. Both my kids snore too. Must be some kind of genetic defect, or something.

I remember one of my SILs mentioning how awful my brother’s snoring was, but that he always insisted he was awake and not snoring.  I explained that often, when people poke us snorers and inform us we were snoring, we’re often in that stage-before-sleep – where our hearing has been turned off, but we’re still thinking about our day or something else fairly lucidly. (Which is why, when we get poked, we say something like “What? What’s the problem? I’m trying to go to sleep, here!”)  My SIL was still skeptical, but my brother was agreeing with me! See, we say we don’t snore, but we know.

I’m skeptical of all the “remedies” for snoring. I’ve tried a few of them that won’t hurt anything but my pocketbook, like the mouthpiece and the nosepiece, but yeah, they only emptied my pocketbook. Not gonna try the surgery or the spray – they seem dodgy.  (And my Mom, who’s a nurse, says they’re dodgy, too) So all that’s left is to lose weight and see if that works. But even that is doubtful – I remember waking up from snoring when I was young – before I had any of this extra weight!

I’ve often offered my hubby a night off my snoring and said I’d go sleep in the lounge (living room to you North American folks) but he always turns me down. Says the poking usually works. (See, me waiting for him to go back to sleep works!!)

So last night, I waited and waited for hubby to go back to sleep, so that I could relax and join him. And when he did finally get to sleep, what did I hear? Yep. Hubby snoring. Lucky for him I can sleep through his!!


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2 responses to “Snoring sucks”

  1. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    Haha 😀

    I snore when I have excess weight on too – and as soon as I lose 10lbs (and no, that isn’t all I need to lose, but it seems to be the “sweet spot”) I stop.

    My cousin’s husband had the operation, which was really REALLY painful, and it did NOTHING to curb his snoring. He’s not overweight – at least no more than a few minor lbs.

    I did use the breathe right strips, which I like, but they tend to come off one side during the night.

    I think it’s individual to the snorer, why s/he snores. Nasal/throat configuration, weight, the desire to bother the living crap out of your spouse… lots of different possible reasons. 🙂

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