Big Green Goblin shrinks Huge Pink Elephant

So some of you may remember when I posted about the Huge Pink Elephant at my workplace.

Exciting news!! The Huge Pink Elephant has shrunk to the size of a baby toy and has been shoved in a corner of the office. Not gone, but temporarily forgotten. That’s because there is a BIG GREEN GOBLIN sitting at the table instead, and everybody can see it.  It’s like this:

“ZOMG! THERE’S A BIG GREEN GOBLIN! Quick, everybody, attack it!!”

So everyone is united, even The Emperor, who can also see the BIG GREEN GOBLIN.  Clearly it is a threat that must be addressed as a group.

Isn’t it amazing how a common enemy can pull even the most fragmented group together?  Suddenly, we have a common goal, and a common understanding. ‘Scuse me, I gotta go sharpen my sword and polish my shield. Maybe it will still be sharp when that Huge Pink Elephant starts growing again. <grin>


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3 responses to “Big Green Goblin shrinks Huge Pink Elephant”

  1. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    Woohoo! Hopefully the BGG isn’t packing – sucks when that happens and you only have a sword 😉

    Glad you have a reprieve from the pachyderm!

  2. Carrie says :

    Uhhh…I’m lost. Glad that the goblin is a better office mate than the elephant 🙂

  3. alexis says :

    thanks for your comment at my depression post today. it’s always nice to hear from other women who have been through fire and come out on the other side. it’s an important thing to talk about, and i was so happy and grateful for all the comments i got, especially those from women like you who knew exactly what i was talking about.

    have a wonderful weekend!

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