Ooooh I’m ever so clever!!

I’m feeling mighty pleased with myself today.  Not only did I get my housework and baking done, I figured out how to do a few things on the internet today.

I have to clarify… I’m not a computer or Internet n00b or anything.  But ya know, one gets lazy sometimes. One occasionally doesn’t bother to remember how to do certain things, knowing that one can look it up at any time. And sometimes one just doesn’t care enough to look up how to do new things.

So I’m feeling clever, because I actually looked up how to do a few things on the internet and was able to fix my signature for a BB I frequent so it does what I want. (I couldn’t remember the BBCode, so sue me.)

And then I finally cared enough to look up how people were tagging other people in their status on the Evil Facebook. I didn’t feel so clever when I looked it up and saw how to do it (I mean, DUH!!) but I did feel clever when I taunted a friend of mine with my knowledge.

Then, just because I was feeling clever, I went ahead and made a Twitter account. I’ve been a bit of a Twitter hold out. I’ve linked to no one and only tweeted two extremely lame tweets. But hey, I have one. Aren’t I clever. (ha!)


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8 responses to “Ooooh I’m ever so clever!!”

  1. Darren Poke says :

    I feel exactly the same way and can relate to what you have written.

    I only started up a Twitter account a couple of weeks ago myself and that was only to promote my blog.

    Even small achievements can help us to feel better about ourselves. That’s the value of goal-setting.

  2. Kira says :

    It’s always fun trying out something new we haven’t been aware of in the first place. Like facts that make you go ‘oh, really? Wow!’ and you’re pretty much ‘high’ from it.

  3. JDaniel4's Mom says :

    I think it sounds like you got a lot done! I still have so much to learn about the internet.

  4. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    Look at you; all happy and stuff 😉

    I actually hate Twitter, but I have 2 accounts… yeah I know. I have the main one linked to the group’s facebook fan page (you follow us and we’ll follow you, k?? heehee! @mainstquartet is the account there)

    I haven’t figured out (haven’t even thought about) linking my blog to a twitter account… don’t know that I will either. Main Street is more important to get Twitterized. Twitterpated. Tweeted. Whatever. 😉

    LOVE gaining new skills and finding out how to do cool things, so I’m totally with you there!

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