Gang aft agley

A friend of mine had this in her FB status yesterday: “Of course I feel the need to cook or bake anytime I get my kitchen clean.” I completely agree with her. In fact, I cannot do anything in my kitchen without first cleaning it. Seems silly. Cleaning it to make a mess! (And often, a bigger one!)

Yesterday, my kitchen was spotless. Cuz, you know, I’m stuck at home with chickenpoxy kids. I’ve got nothing better to do. (Yeah, right!)  Clearly, I needed to bake. And since I had feijoas, kiwifruit and bananas slowly turning overripe on my counter, the plan was made for me.

I did the feijoa muffins first. They are very yummy. Then I looked at the butter and sugar I had left (keep in mind, chickenpoxy kids, hubby away for the day… I can’t get to the grocery) and realised I could not do *both* the kiwifruit chocolate chip muffins AND the kiwifruit banana loaf.  (I had enough kiwifruit… after all, I live in New Zealand!!)

The loaf would deal with all the bananas and half of the kiwifruit, leaving me with enough kiwifruit to make the muffins later. So, I decided to do that one.

But something went totally,  horribly wrong. I’m not sure what. I’ve made the recipe before, and it was lovely. But this time, the first loaf was burned on the outside and goo on the inside. (Yes, I had the oven set to the right temperature.) Out it went. *sigh*  I turned the oven down, and tried again. This one started out promising, and then ended up the same way.  Burnt on the outside, and goo in the middle.

Heartbreaking. What a waste of food. (I tried it. It’s inedible).  And my house smells of burnt.


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3 responses to “Gang aft agley”

  1. Blond Duck says :

    That’s such a shame! I hate wasting food, so I feel your pain!

  2. Simone says :

    Hey… I don’t have your email address or I would have emailed you! Ooh, please persuade your son to pick one??!! There’ll be another theme next week that he can be super perfectinist about cos he’ll have two weeks to fiddle with it. (The theme will be “ME”)
    I’d love to see what he’s taken… maybe can you sneakily email it to me and I’ll post it… Pick YOUR favourite.

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