Blogs I enjoy

I’ve been enjoying The Better Life Coaching Blog, written by Darren.  He has some great stories to share, and questions to help people think about where they are going and where they want to go in life. (I’ve been trying to convince him to join SITS!  He’s sort of like a Daddy Blogger … he does have a picture of him and his gorgeous wee boy, Hayden on one of his posts! 🙂 )So if you have a moment, check out his blog.

I found Velveteen Mind by accident, clicking through responses on people’s blogs. Once I got there, I spent most of an afternoon reading her past blogs. She doesn’t post regularly, but when she does, I really enjoy the read.

Maybe it’s because she’s a fellow Kiwi, but I also really enjoy reading Simone’s blog, GreatFun4Kids.  She’s got a great post about Life in New Zealand and even a Kiwi Dictionary.  Bonus, Simone runs the KidsClick competition, where children get to pick each weeks photo winner.

And if you love to laugh (who doesn’t) then Lynn at For Love or Funny can provide. She’s been my first stop the last few days because she posts regularly and the stories are funny.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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Thoughts about learning and life that are lost in a sea of blogs.

2 responses to “Blogs I enjoy”

  1. Darren Poke says :

    Thanks very much for the mention.

    I’ll have to make sure that I find a reason to post a picture of the other two kids as well, so that they don’t feel left out.



  2. Simone says :

    Hear Hear! Thanks heaps… I read this last night but was chased off the computer by screaming kids and didn’t get a chance to comment! I am chuffed 🙂

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