The story of our bathroom reno

When we bought our house from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, the bathroom was virtually brand new. New fixtures, new plumbing, new paint, new lino, the works.

We also knew it was a DIY job… we watched most of it go up.  That was before we bought the place. My father-in-law insisted that it was all done aboveboard, though. And we trusted him, because he’s good at that stuff.

So when the tiles at the far end of the bathroom started pushing up, we thought it wasn’t a problem. Just call a tiler and get him to fix the grout.

Said tiler appeared. Said he’d try to save what was already there and merely replace the grout. Great! But only a few minutes later, he called me back in.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to take up the tiles. Grout’s not coming out properly.”  Yep, good. Take them up, no problem. They’re easy enough to replace.

But a tiler cussing in the bathroom isn’t a good sign.

“There’s no waterproof membrane under these tiles, mate! I gotta take it all right up and do it properly!”

What can one do, but nod and agree?

More cussing is a worse sign.

“There’s <bleep>ing chipboard (particle board) under here! It’s soaked! I gotta chip it out, mate. That’s no good. No good at all.”

I watched in disbelief as the tiler chipped out the weetbix that was once particle board.

And when he was done, there was worse news to come.

“I’ve chipped out all the soaked chipboard but it’s still very wet underneath – the frame for the bathtub is wet. And mate, that bathtub frame isn’t the correct wood – it’s borer treated, not water treated. If you don’t get it out, you’ll have dry rot in no time. You’re gonna need the builders in.”

<to be continued tomorrow>


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5 responses to “The story of our bathroom reno”

  1. JDaniel4's Mom says :

    Stopping from SITS! I hate problems that involve water. This project sounds like it is getting expensive.

  2. bernicewood says :

    Stopping by from SITS. We did a renovation starting in 1998, still going on! I tell anyone who is considering a renovation to run!!!

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