Bathroom Renos – How big IS the problem, anyways?

When we last left our heroes, the tiler had just taken up the tiles and grout, discovered chipboard (particle board) where it had no business being, and discovered that the frame of the bathtub wasn’t just the wrongly-treated timber, it was also soaked through.

So we called in the insurance company, and the builders.

We weren’t sure whether we should be surprised that the builders showed up first.

There were general mumblings about dry rot, wrong timber, cracked bathtubs, the need for janola (bleach), and The Problem with DIYers.

General consensus from all 3 builders we asked for quotes?

“Aw, mate, the whole things gonna have to come out. Frame’s wrong. Dry rot. Puddles of water.”

As we pondered these mumblings, the insurance assessor finally arrived.

“Yes, well, it seems you have a major water leakage over a large period of time. There’s still a puddle of water under there. You’re very lucky the floor is sealed otherwise that would likely be rotten too.  Looks like part of this wall and that wall will have to be redone to prevent dry rot.  I think you need a dehumidifier.”

Thanks for that helpful thought, Insurance Guy!! But what about the insurance?

“Oh yeah. No, sorry, this isn’t covered. Gradual damage, you know. You’re only covered when it’s sudden damage. Sorry, mate.”

More cussing. From us this time.

<to be continued>


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3 responses to “Bathroom Renos – How big IS the problem, anyways?”

  1. Paige says :

    Just wanted to stop by and say “THANKS” for visiting me on my SITS day! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    Oh geez, that sucks! Isn’t it always the way though??

    Sorry to hear it… hang in there!

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