Bathroom Renos – How long, exactly?

So we showed the laughing Insurance guy out, and surveyed the bathroom. We had a plastic bag tent over the affected area, so that we could still use the bathtub and shower of course, and particle board pieces all over the bathtub and floor.

There were also pieces of the gib set off to one side.

We sighed. I cleaned up.  We picked a quote from a reputable builder, and eagerly (??) awaited the repairs. This was Thursday. The builder said he’d be there on Tuesday.

But Monday morning there was a phone call.

“Sorry mate, my plumbers gone on holiday. Won’t be there until Tuesday week.” (That’s kiwispeak for Not This Tuesday But Next).

So the dehumidifier stayed on full blast, and the plastic sheeting stayed up.

And the following Tuesday, there he was. Complete with empty trailer to take it all away.

Timidly, I asked “so how long do you think it will take?”

“Well, demo’s pretty quick. Then the plumber has to come in. And I have to order the bath liner.  I’m thinking Friday?”

Friday doesn’t sound so bad. We could handle that. Our lovely inlaws were willing to let us use their facilities in the meantime.

The builder worked away. I think he had fun pulling it all apart. But shortly after the bathtub came out, I got called back to the bathroom.

You know that just can’t be good.

<to be continued>


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3 responses to “Bathroom Renos – How long, exactly?”

  1. Lamb says :

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU! We just finished remodeling our bathroom. It turned out great (pics on my blog!) but took absolutely FOREVER! Working with professionals though, as opposed to having your hubby do all the work, yours should go a bit faster.

    LambAround’s latest post: A Flower Delivery MYSTERY

    • Broot says :

      Thanks! Well, we thought it would go faster that way… but as you’ll see in the next few installments…. sometimes “faster” is relative. 😉

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