Bathroom Renos – what did you say?

So we waited for the plasterer to arrive, and the builder to return.

And waited. And waited. Finally, Saturday arrived, and so did the Plasterer.

He let me show him around, to all the various gib that needed stopping, and then sprung the news on me.

“Sorry, mate, I’ve got a bit of a problem, yeah? I have to be at the wharf this weekend on a job. I can’t start until Monday.”

I’m sure I laughed as if he was joking. And then, when I realised he wasn’t, I’m extremely sure I had a “WTF did you just say?” look on my face.

But what I said was “oh but we’ve been without a bathtub and shower for a whole WEEK.” I’m sure I did my best to look pitiful. It must have worked.

He agreed to put the first coat on, and come back on Monday. I was relieved.

And then I was pleasantly surprised (mostly) when he showed up Sunday morning (at 8:30am no less) to do the second coat.

And then, Monday morning, my bathroom exploded with people.  The plasterer, the plumber, AND the builder, all at once. Insert cliche here about raining and pouring.  You know the one.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a big bathroom. They didn’t all fit.

So the plumber and the plasterer went home. The Plasterer promised to come back at dinnertime. And the builder put the wall liner in. Yay!!

So now, we needed to go buy a new showerhead!

<to be continued>


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4 responses to “Bathroom Renos – what did you say?”

  1. Simone says :

    Oh man…. so not fun…! Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. Will you post us a photo or two??

  2. Broot says :

    I will try. I forgot to take the “before” pix. I will go take some now before the paint and lino goes in and those will have to do, I think! 🙂

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