Bathroom Renos – Sure, it will fit!!

So off we went to buy a new showerhead. Keep in mind that the plumber had offered us the one he had in his van.  But we wanted a SuperDeDuper one, so we had to go have a look.

It was just like seeing the holy grail. We found the showerhead we wanted. It was beautiful! It was perfect! It was also not in stock. So we ordered it. And went back  home to wait.

In the meantime, the builder could do nothing more until our new shower door arrived, and the plasterer had done all he could. We could use the bathtub, but still had no shower. Hubby & I couldn’t wait, and we each had a bath in the new tub. It was lovely.

But we still eagerly awaited our shower.

Thursday was supposed to be The Day. But no builder appeared.  Friday morning I texted the builder to ask when he’d be there. He said “8:30am Saturday.” In the meantime, I called in at the shop to pick up our showerhead.

They had ordered us two by accident… and when I saw the box I was flabbergasted. It was HUGE!! It was a good thing I only had one kid with me that day because I had to drop some seats and do some creative maneuverings to get it in the car.

When I got it home, I kept looking at the box, and then the bathroom. “No way it’s gonna fit in there,” I said to myself.

Hubby had a differing opinion. “Of course it will!” He said. 

We agreed to let the builder and plumber decide.

<to be continued>

Update: by request, a picture of the showerhead, although the picture does not do it justice.  The rose itself can fit two people underneath it, and the bar that holds it onto the wall is easily a metre and a half tall. You can see that it is not obvious how large it is from the picture. It is from Foreno Tapware, model c-1. The picture belongs to Foreno Tapware (NZ).

The Monster Showerhead

The showerhead that was too big


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3 responses to “Bathroom Renos – Sure, it will fit!!”

  1. The Handyguys says :

    WOW, sounds like a really big shower head. I would love to see a picture.

  2. Kathleen says :

    OMG! How can you leave it as cliff hanger?! I’d love to see a picture of the monsterous shower head! I’m intrigued!

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