Bathroom Renos – “it ain’t gonna work, mate.”

Right on time at 8:30 Saturday morning, the builder and plumber arrived.  I showed them the showerhead.

“Oh, mate!” the builder said, with that tone of voice that is kiwi for “ain’t she a beauty” and WTF all at the same time. “That’s huge!”

I grinned wryly. And suggested that I was happy to take it back if it wouldn’t fit.

Bravely, the builder took out just the holder and tried positioning it on the wall.  Several times. The plumber stood there and said “it ain’t gonna work, mate.”

You might not know it, but Kiwis are very proud of their “she’ll be right, mate,” attitude.  Things can be made to work. Number eight wire does wonders, you know.

So for two kiwi blokes to announce that such a thing cannot, cannot be done, speaks volumes.  The showerhead went back into the box, unused.

“Now look here,” said the plumber. “This one I’ve got isn’t the most expensive, and it’s not the cheapest either, but it’s a good one. Why don’t you let me put this one in?”

Hubby finally agreed. (With a lot of disappointment).  He got to stay and supervise while I took the monstrosity back to the shop.

They were quite good about letting me return it.  All they said, after I explained that it didn’t fit, was “I coulda told you that, mate!” Quite restrained, really.

And the rest of the bathtub repair-gone-reno went quite smoothly, until it was time for the last screw to go into the new shower door.

“I can’t get into that one until your sink console comes out. So when your lino guy comes to fix the lino, call me, and I’ll put in that last screw.”

Right. So, then, it was time for paint and lino.

<to be continued>


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8 responses to “Bathroom Renos – “it ain’t gonna work, mate.””

  1. Jessica @ One Shiny Star says :

    So the guys at the store knew it wouldn’t work but didn’t mention it? Some people! lol. Thank goodness you could return it!

  2. Broot says :

    no kidding!!

  3. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    😦 No awesome showerhead? *hugs*

  4. Broot says :

    yeah I was disappointed. So was hubby.

  5. Lamb says :

    I’m ready to see some bathroom photos! 🙂

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