Bathroom Renos – Gratitude for a small detail

When we last left our reno, the bathtub, shower, and shower door had been put in, with all the repairs that were required.

What’s left? The painting and the lino, and one screw on the shower door.

Fortunately, we just happen to know a guy who can repair lino, and we know a commercial painter as well. 

Dinger had a look at our lino, and informed me that even though the bath and shower had not been on for ages, the hardwood under the lino was still soaked through.  Scary stuff.  Fortunately (gratitude for small details!!) the subfloor, as we said before, was sealed, and therefore not wet or rotted. Dinger asked us to try and dry it out some, and then he could probably repair it. We’d still have to take the sink/vanity out so he could do it, but we wouldn’t have to completely replace it. YAY!

And since the plumber would have to come back to take out the sink and vanity for us, the need to wait until it dried out a bit more was okay, too.

So on to the paint.  Stace came by and had a look, and said he definitely had some paint for us. He even offered to paint it on his day off, but I unfortunately didn’t hear my mobile ringing that day. Bummer.  He dropped off the paint and hubby will have to do it himself.

So now I cannot update you any more until the paint goes on or the lino is fixed! We’ve caught up!

So here are some pictures – unfortunately not from BEFORE before, but hey, at least it’s something!

the new shower rose and shower door

New bathtub

too close together to fit a drill and put in the last screw for the door

Ewww the rotted hardboard under the lino - you can also see the sealed subfloor.


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