Undies on a washing line

As I mentioned in my last post, we do a lot of looking around at houses. And part of house-shopping is visiting the Open Homes.  It never ceases to amaze me how some people have no qualms about opening their house to strangers and leaving the weirdest things about for them to find.

I mean, there’s the standard untidy kitchen – dishes piled in the sink, dishes still all over the kitchen table, crumbs all over the counter and table.  And unmade beds, well, that’s untidy but I can understand that too, if you left in a hurry.  “What, you’re bringing people to see the house in 5 minutes? Are you crazy? Yes, I can get me, the 5 kids, and the dog out in 5 minutes… but I’ll have to leave a mess!!”

But then there’s the WEIRD stuff.

Like the house that had an open Princess Diana book on every (made) bed. Page carefully chosen for a beautiful picture. Okay. I get you really really like Princess Diana. That will sell your house because…?

Or the house that left a carefully arranged display of religious pamphlets on the dining room table… “Please take one and save your soul!” Um, gee, thanks? I wasn’t aware I needed saving.

But there was one that completely and utterly flabbergasted me AND the real estate agent showing the house.  The tenant in the house was doing her washing during the open home. She wasn’t there… she had left. But she left the washing all out there for us to see… and I mean everything.

She had an indoor clothesline, and it was proudly filled with beautiful, brightly coloured underwear and bras. Plus sized ones. In the case of the bras, majorly plus sized ones.  Now, I’m plus sized myself, so I’m not mentioning this because it offended me. (Actually, I confess I had a sneaky look at the tags to see where I could get some of the pretty undies, they were that nice! Unfortunately, they were custom made.) But this was an open home! That day there were no less than 5 groups going through the house… most of them men.

Call me a prude but I just don’t have the balls bravery to leave my undies out where the world can see. Especially my plus-sized ones, even if they are pretty.  They should be for my hubby’s and my eyes only, ya know? I was embarrassed for the tenant. But maybe she did it on purpose? Maybe she truly thought some sexy undies on a clothesline would sell the house? But as yet, that particular house is still on the market. 🙂


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7 responses to “Undies on a washing line”

  1. Julie@my5monkeys says :

    stopping by from SITS and totally agree about having stuff out for all to see and I also have 5 kids too.

  2. JDaniel4's Mom says :

    My undies won’t be nice enough for an open house. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Stacy says :

    Ewwww!! That’s gross. And bizarre.

    The worst I ever ran into was a house filled with tanks for snakes. No way I could ever live there, wondering if any had ever escaped and burrowed in somewhere. *shudder*

  4. I'm a full-time mummy says :

    Yikes! That is gross… !

    Btw, hopping over from SITS! Happy Wednesday to you from Malaysia! 🙂

    ( I’m a full-time mummy )

  5. millennium housewife says :

    or maybe she was hinting at an added incentive to buy the house??

  6. Lamb says :

    LOL! I love to browse through homes on realtor.com. I always end up yelling things like “YOU’RE TRYING TO SELL YOUR HOUSE! GET THAT TRASH CAN OUT OF THE FRONT YARD, YOU IDIOT!!” Ahh, fun 🙂


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