Grand Ideas

I woke up from a very strange dream last night. And I immediately thought… “I’ve gotta remember that. I could be like that twilight lady and write a whole book just from a scene in my dream. That dream would be perfect for a book!”

And then I fell asleep again. 

By the time I woke up this morning, I had forgotten everything about the dream except that the animals in it were paper flat. Alive, fully functioning, but flat.

And then I remembered that I probably don’t have the follow-through to write a whole novel, anyways. I’d get bored with the details.  I need to hire one of those detail-oriented, driven-to-complete-a-project people where you give them the grand idea for the novel and then they write it.

Cuz me, I’m a “big ideas” person with no follow through. I mean heck, I can’t even wake my sorry ass up long enough to write down a really good dream that had tons of marketing potential as a novel. My only excuse is that I was comfy.


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3 responses to “Grand Ideas”

  1. Robin G says :

    Been there. Done that. I was comfy, too.

  2. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? says :

    Heehee 😀 Too familiar to me as well, my friend. Damn being comfy!! Could have been wealthy!

  3. dawn says :

    Hey! I resemble that remark!
    I once did get out of bed and write down the dream. It took me 3 hours to type it up. I will be the opening to a really good, if a bit odd, story if I ever finish it.
    But since I haven’t dreamt anymore about that particular story, I guess it may be awhile.

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