I don’t wanna. Just don’t!

(Insert Evil Foreboding Music here). DUH duh DUH!!

Tomorrow is the start of school term three here in New Zealand. We’ve just had two weeks off. And instead of yelling “yay!” from the rooftops or being excited that we’re going back to routine, I find myself… well, regretful.

In the past I have been beyond thrilled when we went back to routine.  Couldn’t wait for it. Counted minutes.  Tried to fill up the holidays with routine so we wouldn’t notice the days at home.

This time around, I’ve enjoyed the time off. Maybe it’s because my kids finally sleep in to a decent hour instead of being up at the crack of sparrow’s fart. (That’s Kiwi for crack of dawn.)  Maybe because my pile of paperwork sitting on the side bench is dwindling to next to nothing.  Maybe because I’ve enjoyed listening to my kids play together nicely (for a change).  Maybe because this is the first holidays where the kids haven’t complained that the TV isn’t on 24/7.  Maybe it’s because my house is actually clean and those little jobs I’ve been putting off are getting done.

At any rate, I’m dreading tomorrow.  I don’t want to be up early to make lunches, organise some shared morning tea, rush the big kid to school and then rush off to Playcentre with the smaller kid. Then come home and frantically try to get things done before getting big kid from school.  And make sure homework is done, and deal with grumpy tired kids. And make dinner so hubby can get out to his roller hockey practice.

I don’t wanna.  I just want tomorrow to be like today. Quiet, peaceful.  Jobs getting done and happy, playing kid noises.  Yeah.


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5 responses to “I don’t wanna. Just don’t!”

  1. Robin G says :

    Sorry the routine is starting up again. But it is telling that you had such a good vacation. Try to revel in the memories as you deal with the drudgery, I guess.

    I don’t know. I have never had one of those times that I wasn’t thrilled to have school starting up again.

  2. Ms. Understood says :

    I’m sorry that you have to kiss your easy going routine goodbye tomorrow. I didn’t get the chic linky thing today either. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  3. Natalie says :

    I hope it goes well! I am a fan of slow, nice days too and it was hard for me to get back to work even after this weekend — so two weeks off would be a hard adjustment!

  4. MaryB says :

    It’s one of the reasons we’ve homeschooled. The kids grow up soo fast and join the rat race for the rest of their life.

    • Broot says :

      I thought about it but I’m just not organised enough. Lots of people in my community do homeschool, though. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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