Just disappointed. And burned. Literally.

It started out as a good idea.  Making a beef casserole from a tried and true recipe book. I even remembered to start it early in the day because it took 1/2 hr of prep and 1.5 hours of cooking time. I followed the instructions and was thrilled when it was 4:30pm and I had nothing left to do for dinner but sit and wait for the yumminess.

It smelled absolutely fantastic. It made me and the kids superhungry just smelling it.

And yet, at 6pm when hubby walked through the door and I eagerly uncovered our yummy beef casserole… I discovered beef soup.  Tasty enough beef soup, but soup nonetheless.

So I said to myself, “Self, we can just take a bit of this broth and make it into a gravy.”  And my self agreed.

But here’s where I get stupid. I forgot about steam having expansive properties. I put the broth in one of those tupperware shaker things with a bit of cornflour. And I closed it.

You know what happens next don’t you? Yeah. Scalding hot broth all over me and all over the kitchen. Yeah.

Scalding.  I look like I have a sunburn above my boobs and below my neck. And it isn’t summer here. It’s the dead of winter.

I did manage to make some gravy. And the dinner was okay. But the smell just didn’t match the taste. And I still don’t know why I got soup instead of casserole.

Here’s the kicker… you’d think that I would learn from past mistakes. But no. That was the SECOND time I’ve done that with the tupperware shaker.  The first time, my good friend Anita tried to stop me as she saw me load the shaker up with (boiling) hot water and something. Can’t remember what. Same result. Apparently I am a slow learner!!

Major, major FAIL.


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7 responses to “Just disappointed. And burned. Literally.”

  1. Simone says :

    Ouch, poor you!!! I’ve done that with pumpkin soup in the blender. orange soup EVERYWHERE. Ouchie. I sympathise.

  2. citymouse says :

    As I read this and realized what you were about to do, I just cringed! Snikies! I hope you’re okay. I think you handled well because I would have wanted to toss the whole dinner and order in.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. Mary says :

    I avoid the whole burn by just making reservations. I’ve never been a good cook. And I could imagine the same results if I tried. Better luck next time.

  4. Lizzie says :

    Oh you poor dear, I hate it when that happens! All I can thnk of would be to use less liquid because the steam and the condensation will add a lot of liquid as it cooks. Better luck next time and do, please, be careful. Try some witch hazel on your burn.
    Stopped by from SITS to say hi!

  5. Mommylebron says :

    Oh no!My experience involved mashed potatoes and a butter bowl. And pain.

  6. Babes about Town says :

    Ouch, that hurts. I’m prone to doing stuff like that and have literally burned my tummy with hot water draining spaghetti when i was pregnant no less.

    Don’t think of it as failing, think about it as growing, learning and being human. Not all of us have to be kitchen goddesses. And now you’ve got a nice recipe for beef broth!

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