Too cold to get out of bed

Winter mornings just really suck. Here in New Zealand it is the deep of winter. Granted, where I am it barely counts as winter since there’s no snow, there’s still flowers on the trees, and we aren’t bundled up in snow suits, scarves and mittens to spend 4 seconds outside.

No, here where I am it is a borderline sub-tropical/temperate winter.  We don’t hit freezing, and we never go into the negative celcius. Frost is a twice or thrice a winter event.

It’s still cold!! I’d stay in my bed all morning if I could. And I wouldn’t get out of my nice warm jammies.   Many NZ houses have no wall insulation or floor insulation and bare minimum ceiling insulation. Double glazed windows are for new houses. And central heating? Nope. We don’t hear the “waTHUMP!” of a furnace starting up anywhere around here.

Some mornings in winter we can see our breath in the house when we get up.  We huddle by our gas heater in the mornings, and the kids get dressed in front of the heater. Cuppa teas are necessary.

My Canadian family used to laugh at me when I complained about the cold.  “Surely you aren’t cold?  Buck up! It’s colder here than there!” 

Each time I’d explain “Yes, it’s not as cold but it’s just as cold INSIDE as it is OUTSIDE. You’re used to central heating – you come in from the cold…and you can de-layer and warm up. When I go inside it’s still cold! I keep my jacket on and sometimes go find some more clothes because it’s occasionally colder inside than it was outside.  I keep my thermals on all the time. I go to bed with a hot water bottle, ten thousand lots of blankets on my bed and polar fleece pajamas… and I’m STILL cold!!”

But I didn’t hear the end of it until my parents came out one February for a month stay. Even though I explained that February/March was coming up Fall-ish  they thought they were coming to a tropical paradise or something.

My mother had to borrow a sweater/jumper for the evenings.  And one morning my father yelled out from the bed “Is it snowing or something?”  They finally understood.   I heard no more comments about being a wuss-y Canadian from them.  And the next time they came out for a visit, they arrived mid-January, when it was still summer and hot, and made sure they packed some warm stuff as well.

This morning it is wet and rainy and only 11C (52F) currently. We’re supposed to get down to 7C (45F) later.  I found it extremely difficult to get out of my warm bed, and even more difficult to get dressed. Cuz I don’t care what you say – 11C is plenty COLD!!


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3 responses to “Too cold to get out of bed”

  1. Simone says :

    Yes. Especially in Wellington… or anywhere south of Aucks.
    I think it is a pretty mild winter up here but my parents live in Palmy north and are freeezing!
    We just returned from QLD and the ozzies over there are complaining about 20oC as cold! Now THAT’s wussy!

  2. Ms. Understood says :

    I hate hate the cold too. I don’t know how I ended up leaving the Virgin Islands and moving to Maryland, US where it does snow and is very cold. Sorry that it’s so cold right now. The flip side is, over here right now the high today is 102 F with a humidity making it feel like 110 F.

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