I’m going to go sit in a corner and cry.

Tonight I feel like an incompetent ass.

I have let a group of people down due to my inability to be consistent with detail. Also from my inability to multitask all of my different jobs. (Last count, I have 8 different job hats. Too many. 😦 )

And this one really matters to me because it was a job that I really like. One at which I wanted to do really well.

I suck.

It’s not beyond repair. But it will not be as good as if it had been checked properly beforehand.  And I admitted complete fault, and apologised profusely to the group.

It’s not enough. But it will have to do.

And I’m going to go sit in the corner and have a good cry. 😦


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8 responses to “I’m going to go sit in a corner and cry.”

  1. Rob says :

    Hang in there. These things have a way of working out. We all do silly things from time to time, and the people who matter know what you’re capable of, and those who don’t know, don’t matter.

  2. Stacy @ Moderate Means says :

    Last year, we volunteered to help out on an activity our church was sponsoring. They asked us to be the lead people for a group of 5-6 people. It wasn’t what we wanted but we felt there were two of us and the management part wasn’t too intense, so we agreed. We were flops. We waited too long to contact everyone, didn’t realize we needed to arrange for additional equipment and forgot to order shirts for the volunteers. We did a terrible job. A year later, I still feel bad about it. We could have done better but didn’t. It just got lost…buried under everything else we manage. I wanted to do better. But I didn’t. All that to say that I know how you feel. And it does suck.

  3. Robin G says :

    Sorry you feel like a loser right now. I hope it passes quickly.

    Be kind to yourself. If it were a close friend who experienced this would you come down on her? Probably not. Don’t you deserve the same kindness?

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I am going to refrain from telling you to get rid of some of it (kind of) and just suggest that maybe expecting perfection in every area is an unrealistic expectation right now.

    • Broot says :

      🙂 Thanks Robin. I am feeling better today and you’re right, I have too much on my plate. By the way, I am unable to comment on your blog. I keep trying but it won’t accept my wordpress ID. 😦

  4. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Yeah I agree with Robin only I’m not going to refrain from saying it (heehee) – taking on too many tasks means you can’t devote the right attention to any of them, and they all suffer. Time to set your priorities and learn how to say no, my friend 😉

    Oh I know, that’s easier said than done, and I’m a prime example of the exact opposite too. I’m learning though! We can figure out how to do it together… deal??

    *hugs* hang in there. Your friends will understand you didn’t drop the ball intentionally.

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