10 Things I Love about New Zealand

Inspired by a post by EmbejoEtc about the 10 things she loves about New Zealand, I thought I’d do the same. Because my list is a bit different.

New Zealand is my adopted country – and I’d guess the things I like the best aren’t really noticed by those who live here:

1) I can see the stars at night.  I can see the Milky Way!! Okay, so I live in a semi-rural part of New Zealand. But seriously, it amazes me every time I go outside on a clear night and look up to see all the beautiful stars. I swear, they were never that clear and crisp in Canada, except near my Grandparent’s house up North.

2) Less rain. I moved from a temperate Rainforest to a plethora of sunshine. This is fantastic. In Canada I suffered from SAD every January.

3) I know my neighbours. They’re friendly, and they care. In Canada I might have known my immediate neighbours. Here, I know my whole street. They watch my house, I watch theirs. They let me know when something is going on.

4) New Zealand Playcentre Federation. This non-profit organisation hasn’t just helped me be a better parent and introduced me to friends; it has helped me understand myself better and given me opportunities to learn, travel, and extend myself I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Every new parent needs Playcentre. Unfortunately, it’s unique to New Zealand.

5) I’m at home with my children. In Canada we would have needed two incomes to survive. Here, 1 income and a tenth counts. (My work is extremely part time.)

6) Tui birds. Their song is gorgeous. Every time I hear one I have to stop and listen. And look for them, because they’re often close by. Once, there was one less than an arms length from me in my mandarin tree.

7) Fruit trees everywhere! I am constantly amazed at the amount of fruit people have in their backyards. Citrus, stone fruit, everything. And it’s plentiful, too.

8 ) Year round school. No 3 months off for summer. We get 1 month and a couple of weeks off from Christmas to February, and 2 weeks off between school terms. This works so much better than what I remember from school!!

9)Monarch butterflies. They’re everywhere. it’s beautiful. They take my breath away.

10) Strawberries at Christmastime. YUM.

Next I shall tell you my least favourite things. 🙂

(edited to add: My hubby demanded to know why he didn’t make the list. I told him this list wasn’t about him.)


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49 responses to “10 Things I Love about New Zealand”

  1. embejo says :

    I like your list!
    I’m also not a native…I came here from Australia, so I have found more rain, longer winters, and much less sunshine 😦
    And YES! Monarch butterflies are amazing. Our neighbours have a swan plant right up against our fence. We get to watch the caterpillars feed and have seen a chrysalis or two as well. We now have a swan plant in our garden…it’s rather small but we hope to help the monarchs too 🙂

  2. embejo says :

    Oh. I am an idiot. I meant to say thanks for the link 🙂

  3. Erin says :

    I’d love it just for the butterflies!

  4. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Hey there! I think I would love NZ. I know for certain that I need to come and visit you 🙂

    I live in what we consider rural, but as it’s only 5 minutes from a Wal-mart, I’m not so sure it qualifies all that much! The stars here are so bright though, compared to where I lived before.

    SAD was something I’ve suffered with for years too, over the winter, but this past year I didn’t even have a hint of it (I attribute that to being too busy and happy with my group to notice the darkness) so I know exactly how you feel… well, “felt”.

    I love the idea of year-round school too, although I think the problem with that idea here in Southern Ontario is that it’s so hot over the summer months *all* of the schools would have to be renovated to have air conditioning installed. Fans just wouldn’t cut it. The cost alone would prevent it from ever happening.

    Looking forward to seeing the other side of the coin 😉

  5. Lindsay says :

    Fresh fruit and sunshine all year round? I think I want to move to New Zealand next! 🙂 I look forward to checking out more of your blog, and thank you for checking out mine!

    • Broot says :

      Yeah I gotta say, it’s pretty good. Although we’ve just had two weeks of overcast rainy days. 😦 Today is beautifully sunny, though!! Thanks for stopping by! (I’ll be back to yours, too!)

  6. Joanne says :

    Thanks for introducing me to New Zealand. Sounds wonderful but I don’t think my daughter would like #8.

    • Broot says :

      I think you might be surprised. Once my children talked about the long summer holiday with their Canadian cousins and my children’s response was “don’t you get bored?” and the cousins response was “wow I’d like having 2 weeks off every few months.”

      I personally think it’s win-win-win. The children get more breaks, they don’t have the long break to forget what they’ve learned and less time away from their friends, the teachers get more breaks, the teachers don’t have to spend as much time reviewing learning from the year before, and the parents don’t have to sort out 3 months of childcare over the summer!!

  7. Heather Fulkerson says :

    Happy SITS feature day! It sounds like you are living in a beautiful place! Vacation all year round 🙂

    • Broot says :

      It is a beautiful place but I dunno about the vacation part!! Still have to work, and we still get a winter where it’s rainy and cold! It’s just that the winter is from June to August!

  8. Barbara Albright says :

    Strawberries at Christmas? Monarch butterflies? Staying home with your kids? A full, clear view of the stars in the night sky? Less rain and lots of fruit trees? See? It does, indeed, take a local to share secrets you don’t read about in travel magazines. Lovely. It’s so nice when someone appreciates and really sees the beauty of somewhere new.

    • Broot says :

      I think you’re right. I think that’s why we get so much more out of a vacation when we know someone who lives where we’re going. They know where to go and what to do beyond the tourist traps!!

  9. Mary says :

    Okay I’m sold…. Hmm…how to convince the hubs…

  10. Kelly Deneen says :

    Wow! New Zealand sounds SO beautiful! I also like that the cost of living sounds pretty low. Nice!!

    • Broot says :

      It sounds low but it’s probably about the same, all in all. We pay a lot of money for food, gas/petrol and anything that has to be imported.

  11. Lisa says :

    Better watch out, we will al be flying out for an extended stay. 🙂

  12. Martine De Luna (@Dainty_Mom) says :

    My dad’s youngest sister (that’s my aunt) lives with her family in Auckland. I had a chance to visit NZ for a couple of weeks when I was a teenager, and I loved the country. We toured several places; I saw sheep for the first time in my life (I’m an urbanite: Grew up and schooled in Hong Kong and Singapore.). Since we were in NZ in January, the weather was perfect. A few years ago, my cousin moved there from London. She said NZ is perfect for raising a family! I hope to be able to visit again soon, this time with my husband and son.

  13. Maggie says :

    Sounds like a great place to “adopt!”

  14. Tricia O. says :

    I love reading about life in other places. It makes my gypsy feet itch. Happy SITS Day!

  15. Betsy says :

    sounds dreamy….even better than San Diego where I live!

  16. Jamie says :

    Ok, I’m coming to visit ASAP! I’ll say “hi” to you and the other friends I have there! I wish…alas, money is an issue!
    Love the edited add-on! Sounds like something my hubby would say!

  17. Belle Delos Reyes says :

    I have never been to New Zealand and your list makes me want to visit soon! Seems like a great place to raise a family 🙂

  18. Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness says :

    Sounds like a fabulous place. Some day I’m moving to a climate that suits me better!

  19. Ann says :

    I visited New Zealand as a kid – this makes me want to go back all over again!

  20. Rachel Cotterill says :

    I really want to see how the stars look from the southern hemisphere. Soon, I hope!

  21. jesterqueen1 says :

    11) Two of my favorite singer/songwriters, Tim and Neill Finn of Split Enz/ Crowded House fame are from NZ

  22. Meredith says :

    I actually have kids who need and would love year round school! After a couple of days at home, they are all bored!! New Zealand sounds beautiful!!

  23. Sandra says :

    I’m Canadian, and I have to say, I’m a little jealous. Mind you, as I type this, it’s
    -20 something outside, there’s two feet of snow, and the roads are so icy you need grippers on your boots so you don’t fall…yeah, you’re the jealous one now, right. I thought so. 🙂
    Congrats on your Sits day!

    • Broot says :

      LOL I don’t miss the snow. At all. And even though I’m
      Canadian, I’m from Vancouver, and that means I didn’t really experience a real Canadian Winter. Hubby has, though. And he misses them.

  24. MARIE COLE says :

    I haven’t been to New Zealand yet but I look forward to going. 🙂

  25. Venus says :

    I would miss the snow in the winter… but aside from that you’ve made New Zealand sound about as lovely as any place could be. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy your new home so much!

  26. Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog says :

    You make New Zealand sounds divine!!!
    Happy SITS Day!

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