upheaval and hope

There are orange blossoms on my valencia orange tree, and the smell of the freesias in my garden make me smile everytime the scent wafts past my nostrils. My hydrangeas have new growth on the sticks that were left after I pruned them back. The magnolias are in full bloom and so are my camelias and my huge rhododendron tree bush.

I had to change out of my wooly pajamas last night because I was too warm.

Spring is my favourite season. It makes me feel hopeful and positive, filled with the breath of promise. I can do anything in Spring, start any new project, and it will go well, simply because it is Spring.

It has even made me think positively about the huge upheaval that is the Christchurch earthquake. I am so glad no one died. I am thrilled to see so many people pitching in to help. I’m very happy all my Christchurch friends are okay, even if they are sleep deprived from the constant aftershocks and are experiencing large amounts of stress.

I’m thinking positively about all the new work this will create for the building trade, and how buildings can be remade that will be even better at resisting earthquakes. And in some cases, the buildings can be remade to better suit the needs of the people that use them.

In the midst of upheaval, I have hope. It is Spring, after all.

Multimedia of the Earthquake and aftershocks

Video pictures of the Christchurch earthquake aftermath


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2 responses to “upheaval and hope”

  1. misssrobin says :

    It’s funny that you are looking forward to spring where you are. I am welcoming in fall — my favorite season. I love the changing colors. The chill in the air. Finally being able to wear jackets and sweaters. And bundling up for football games (that’s American football).

    I’m glad you and your friends are all okay. Way to look on the positive side of things. I hope it brings lots of good things into people’s lives.

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