Wind, wind and more wind

Where I grew up, wind was fun.  It was strong enough that you could play “walking into the wind” like a mime without being blown over. I liked walking in the wind, and enjoyed a blustery day.

At one of my workplaces while I still lived in Canada, a coworker was from South Africa.  When a group of us went for a walk in the wind and I mentioned my love of wind, he voiced his disapproval.

“You wouldn’t like wind if you were from South Africa” he said. “This wind is nothing compared to that.”

I listened, but didn’t really believe him at the time. (Hey, I was young and inexperienced!!)

Then I moved here, to New Zealand.  And I noticed a curious thing. Not only was the wind louder and stronger, it was also a regular occurrance. Every 3 months the wind blows away the old season and blows in the new one. That’s how you can tell it’s nearly Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, you know.

But this year, oh boy.  The Spring winds are here, and with a vengeance.

I couldn’t sleep last night because of the wind. It sounded like thunder. It sounded (and felt) like an earthquake. It rippled all the tiles on my roof. I could feel the wind bustling around the panes of glass in the windows and I could smell the fresh outside air inside my bedroom. The curtains were moving.

The wind blew so hard the street lights went out, but we still had power. Did you know that if you kick streetlights hard enough they go out individually for a while? Obviously the wind had a bit of a kick.

A couple of times during the night, I got up to have a look around because I felt something fall outside. Dunno what it was – everything seems to be standing. But I felt something!!

But if I took a picture for you, you would see nothing extraordinary. It’s a beautiful sunny day, that just happens to have extremely strong blasts of wind every so often.  It’s not something you see with your eyes… it’s something experienced in the skin, the nose, and the ears.

Storm the size of Australia hits New Zealand


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2 responses to “Wind, wind and more wind”

  1. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    My friend, forgive me for being AWOL on comments – it’s been a very crazy couple of weeks.

    When I lived in Calgary (AB) the wind was something wicked. Especially in the winter time. It was brutal, and awful, and I still remember it and shudder. It also blew in Chinooks (warm winds), which I loathed. You never knew how to dress, and it was so short-lived that it made you that much more miserable when it suddenly turned bitterly cold again.

    I hate wind.

    Like you a lot though 🙂 How’ve you been??

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