I did a really silly thing this term. I overcommitted myself.

I have 6 different job titles where I work. Normally they mesh together very well, and I just adjust as I go.

But I added some coursework into that mix. Tried to squish a year of learning and assignments into 1 school term. Ha ha wasn’t that silly rash optimistic stupid. Well, it was something, anyways.

And on top of that, it’s my daughter’s last school term of preschool. She starts primary school in February. So there’s school visits and all the fun stuff to do before we hit that milestone.

Not to mention the volunteer work I do at my local Playcentre.

At any rate, yes, I’ll be back. Probably after Christmas. When I haven’t overcommitted myself. Yet.


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Thoughts about learning and life that are lost in a sea of blogs.

One response to “Overcommitting”

  1. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Isn’t that funny, I was just thinking about you today!

    You do tend to say “YES” to far too much, my friend. Time to learn the other word I think 😉 Glad to hear from you! Hope you’re well, even though I know you’re stressed out. Take whatever time you need – “real” life comes first.


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