Wedding dress musings

My wedding dress sits in a box in my son’s cupboard. It has been “preserved” as it were, in a Wedding Dress Preservation kit. You know, all properly folded and stuffed with tissues and put in a nice box. My Mom bought the kit for me. Very nice of her. Then we brown paper bagged it and taped it to heck and moved to New Zealand. It has never been out of the box, and just kinda moves from place to place, taking up room.

We just put our house up for sale. We’re insane, because it’s definitely a buyer’s market, and because people who are putting in offers are really really lowballing.  But we found a house that we like, and it is on the market at less than it’s value. So we feel we should try.

When you put your house up for sale, especially when it’s a buyer’s market, it’s a good idea to declutter as much as you can.  Box up anything you don’t use at the moment and get it out of the house. So that’s what we’re doing. In the process, we’re finding stuff we don’t need, (as you do) and getting rid of it.

And then there’s the wedding dress. Do I keep it, on the (extremely) off chance that my daughter might want to wear it someday? If she’s not going to wear it, why am I keeping it? If I sell it, who’s gonna want it?  I’m not interested in a trash the dress photo shoot, as cool as they are. (Cuz I can’t fit the darned thing anymore, anyways!!)

Wedding Dress

My Wedding Dress (please ignore lovely gold shag!!)

What have you done with your wedding dress, if you had one?


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7 responses to “Wedding dress musings”

  1. JennTheGamerMom says :

    I have a friend who takes wedding dresses in and makes them into AMAZING costumes; email me and I’ll connect you two

  2. Stacy @ Moderate Means says :

    I have no idea where mine is. My mom’s basement, perhaps? I remember her saying that she was going to do the whole preservation thing…but it’s been 15 years so I just don’t know. I feel bad tossing it but it’s not really donation-worthy because it’s so outdated… My vote is to upcycle it into something cool or toss it. Now, I just need to find mine so I can do the same thing 🙂

  3. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Mine is stuffed into my cedar chest… definitely not preserved. I highly doubt either of my daughters will want it when their days arrive, but in the same vein I hate to part with it! My oldest is taller than me, but not by much… she may be a bit thinner than I was at her age, too, but again, not by much. No idea what Wee One will be like as an adult, but probably very much the same as her big sister. I suppose I could make some sort of keepsake out of the dress for both of them… I just don’t know. It’s not a pressing problem just now, but as we’re about to buy another house too, it may be in the near future 😉

    I hope your house sells and you get the one you’re looking at!

    Oh, and thanks for the invite… will your new house have a guest room?? heehee! Wouldn’t that be wonderful – I’d sure love to come and visit, but I am sure it won’t be this year if we’re buying that house – it’s a lot more $ than we had anticipated spending!!

    Talk soon!

  4. mommylebron says :

    If I had a gown I would save and use the material later to make Christianing gowns for my grand children…

  5. dysfunctional mom says :

    I kept mine until I got divorced; then I donated it.
    AND – you ARE a no-reply blogger! Read this:

    to fix it!

  6. Caren with a "C" says :

    My wedding dress is in the garage in a plastic container… I’m sure that isn’t the best place for it. We took it out a few months ago on our 13th wedding anniversary and let our two girls try it on and took pictures of them in it (standing on a chair of course). They thought it was a lot of fun to do. I have the unrealistic goal of one day fitting back into it. LOL

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