But nobody will notice THAT!

Seriously, that’s what the real estate agent said when she came to take pictures of my house for the internet and the brochure etc etc etc. I was trying to remove things from the picture, and she thought I was fussing unduly.  (Or is it unduly fussing?)

My retort at the time was “Well, *I* notice!!” Afterwards, when I reflected on my statement, I suspected she thought I meant that when I saw the pictures of my house, I would notice it wasn’t perfect.  But that wasn’t what I meant at all.

I meant that when I look at other houses online, I notice what’s going on in the background. I see the cat peeking around the corner and know the house will smell of cat litter and have fur everywhere. I see the kid jumping on the trampoline outside and I know (hey, I’ve got kids myself!!) that there will be wall damage, possible bathroom flooding marks, and other miscellaneous things that kids do to houses by just being there.

I wonder to myself what the sellers are thinking when they leave their beds unmade and their dishes out when the agent comes by to take the pictures.

I think WTF when I see things like wires hanging off of lampshades and coming around corners at mid-wall. Stuff like that.

And if I notice, won’t my possible buyers notice?

So yeah, real estate agent, it matters, and I *will* move my stuff out of the way and try to make it a more pleasing picture.  So there.

What about you? Do you notice the little things in a real estate picture?


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5 responses to “But nobody will notice THAT!”

  1. JennTheGamerMom says :

    Fussing unduly. Because unduly fussing would be splitting an infinitive, no?

    I know what you mean though

  2. Broot says :

    Sounds more poetic as unduly fussing, I suppose. LOL

  3. Amber says :

    Yes, I do notice. One time I was looking at pictures and this one house had plastic bags all over the place. All I could think was, “What’s with all the plastic bags?”

  4. morgan says :

    I think you are right … I’d hate for something in the background to be a deal breaker for someone buying my house. So fuss unduly! 🙂 Or unduly fuss … whatever you want to do!

    Thanks for stopping by Snapshots!

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