Falling down the well

There’s this deep dark well. It’s got water in it, way far down. And the water is deep, too. Over the heads of the tallest people.

Every once in awhile, we climb in, and start climbing down before we realise we really don’t want to be there. And the climb back up is much harder than the climb down.

Sometimes we fall into it, but we manage to grab the sides as we’re falling. We can see the light at the top of the well, and we still feel strong, so we can climb our way back out. Other days we fall in deeper, and it’s a lot harder to climb to the top. The climb is exhausting.

Then there are times when we think we’re at the top of the well, only to suddenly find we’re really in a bucket going down… it’s not until we find ourselves floating on top of the well water or even under the water that we realise what happened.

The bucket can also be our saviour – we can climb in, and get lifted to the top. Sometimes the bucket goes back up quickly, but sometimes it’s still a slow, arduous, and tiring process.

But the worst is when we fall into the water. The water drains our strength. Treading water is tiring. We get cold. We’re too wet to grab the sides of the well to climb out. We can see the light at the top of the well but it is way too far away.

When we can’t tread water anymore, we start to drown. That’s when everything seems really impossible.  By now, only the bucket can save us. Sometimes only the right coloured bucket.

And by now, those of you who have been in the well know exactly what I’m talking about. We know that sometimes we can pull ourselves out of depression, but other times we’re just too far down into the well.

When you fall down the well, yell for the bucket.  Whether your bucket is your friends, your family, medication, or whatever else is going to help.

Because you and I both know that being in the well is exhausting, it’s a long way back out, and it’s hard to get out by ourselves.


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8 responses to “Falling down the well”

  1. solodialogue says :

    I’ve been there. My bucket was pretty slimy at one time and hard to grasp. But I got out and I swore I would not fall into that well again. Now, I go by occasionally, and I throw the bucket down, along with a coin to make a wish.

  2. Alexandria Campbell says :

    really really great post 🙂

    *here from sits

  3. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Send me your bucket, and I’ll send you mine. This week has been especially horrible, but I’m still treading water fortunately!


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