Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, Nuclear Emergency

While we wait for just one more person to guess on my Nine Truths and a Lie post, I need to ramble just a bit.

I need to ramble about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which is scary, horrific, too close for comfort and heartbreaking all at once.  I have people that could be considered distant extended family there, and this tragedy has deeply affected my uncle, aunts and cousins who belong to the distant extended family.

I made a list shortly after the Christchurch Earthquake about things I had learned from that. I’ve learned things from this tsunami as well, and they contradict what I learned from the other in some ways.  In an earthquake, the wood did better.  But in a tsunami, the brick did better.

The scariest thing I learned was just how quick a tsunami moves. I watched in horror as the cars tried to get away but couldn’t.

Where I live, a tsunami is a more direct, major threat than an earthquake. We’re not on top of a fault, but we are close to a beach. We were on tsunami watch after the Japanese tsunamis. My bathtub was full of water, my fridge was full of extra water, and our civil defense kit was on standby.  Had we had a major tsunami event, the water would not have reached our house, but of course, the water, highways, sewage, etc would have been affected.

We watched the tv, on tenterhooks and with mounting fear, and then relief when our beaches reported centimetre swells, and not metre swells.

And we were thinking of moving closer to the beach. I think our plans will change now.

It’s not possible to be safe from all natural or man-made disasters, but if I have a choice, my preference will be to live somewhere not on a major fault and not right on the beach.

(We won’t talk about the active volcano that’s just over there…)


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14 responses to “Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, Nuclear Emergency”

  1. bluecottonmemory says :

    Glad you are o.k. My husband just returned from China (they had an earthquake while he was there) – seeing the devestation in Japan is heart-breaking. I never thought of filling my tub with water! Excellent idea! Sounds like you were prepared:) Hope your family and friends are safe.

    • Broot says :

      I have to confess the bathtub wasn’t my idea, but my brother-in-law’s. I just kept it in the back of my head! So far, yes, everyone I know is safe. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. solodialogue says :

    Wow, there are a lot of dangers close to you there. I was devastated to see the horrific destruction as well. It was so surreal from where I sit in California. It must have been so frightening for you there. I’m glad you are safe and impressed with how prepared you are.

    And, I’m with you. I’d stay off the beach!

  3. kg says :

    Living on the coast of Alaska, we had many family members from the States calling us and asking if we were okay. I assured them that we were too far north for the tsunami to affect us. but it definitely got us thinking about emergency preparedness.

    glad you guys are alright, and the water in the bathtub thing is a brilliant idea.

  4. JennTheGamerMom says :

    Ring of Fire all around. Scary stuff. I don’t live near the coast (contrary to popular belief, Seattle is not on the coast) but I’m near a fault, and Mt Rainier is about 40 miles thataway…

  5. Stacy @ Moderate Means says :

    One of the things that I like most about midwestern US living is that I don’t really have to worry about earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, forest fires, etc. We have a very, very occasional and mild tremor and some really random minor tornados. I have flooding to deal with, but nothing like flash floods and we have time to work out plans. Not having these issues is nice!

    I really need to get moving on my emergency pack…

  6. morgan says :

    Whew … all of it’s too close for comfort … even here in Colorado! Glad you are okay.

    Visiting from SITS 🙂

  7. mizb1996 says :

    I’m glad you haven’t gotten any bad news! There were some tsunami waves in California, and in fact someone got swept away from the beach as they were trying to get closer to take pictures or something. Not too smart, if you ask me. I hope you have a great Thursday!

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