The answer to the lie…

This is a follow up to my post Nine Truths and One Lie.

Great guesses on everybody’s part!!

1. Yep, my name starts with C, and is yellow according to my synesthesia.

2. I did, in fact, sing at Carnegie Hall with Doreen Rao in 1992 for the “International Choirs in Concert.” My choir was one of many that stood on the stage and sang as one choir with Doreen as conductor.  Let me tell you, standing with all the choirs and learning “Jubilate Deo” (a warm up!!) was pretty darned amazing. I still try to get my kids to sing “Jubilate Deo” with me as a round because it sounds so wonderful, but they just aren’t old enough yet.

3.  Lady Diana was in Vancouver for Expo ’86 and yes, this little story did happen.

4. My Dad STILL tells this story to everybody who will listen. Proudly. Go figure. Who knew a dad could be so proud of walking around with spit up down their back?

5. I travelled to Japan when I was 2 for my Aunt & Uncle’s wedding. My aunt is Japanese and still has lots of family there. So far, all her family is safe and accounted for. I travelled to the UK, Belgium, Austria and Germany with my choir for the Llangollen Music Eisteddfod in Wales. (My choir came in 7th that year.) I was born in Canada and I live in NZ.

6.  Here’s the lie.  While my choir did in fact sing in Mondsee, and we were all travel-weary, hungry, and the cathedral was hot, it was my friend Heather who fainted. I had to help hold her up. I did sympathise, however. I still have a scar on my hand where I dug my pinky finger into my skin to stop myself from fainting. (Good job, Stacey!)

7. There was a cougar and our teachers did stop us from using the toilet that night, not realising I hadn’t had a chance to go beforehand. I was so glad I didn’t wet the sleepingbag. Can you imagine, being on a class trip and wetting the bed? Horrors.

8. Sounds impossible, but it’s true. I had to walk uphill, across and down to get to  high school, and then walk uphill, across and down to get back home. There was no other way to do it. 🙂

9.  I have in fact, been employed in all those jobs.  I think perhaps Jenn thought “maintenance” was a lie… but that was my official title. The “Maintenance” person at the pet store “maintained” the animals by feeding and watering them and keeping the pens clean. 🙂

10.  I was so convinced that children were not my cup of tea that I had a breast reduction when I was 23. Meant that later on, I was unable to make enough breastmilk to breastfeed my babies exclusively.

And there you have it. 🙂  Hope you enjoyed this little game!


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10 responses to “The answer to the lie…”

  1. Katie Gates says :

    Hello Broot, I’m stopping by to thank you for dropping in on my SITS day yesterday. This post is intriguing and so I must read the one it references! I’m glad your aunt and her family in Japan are safe and accounted for…

  2. MaryJean says :

    Broot, You’re a hoot! This was fun.

  3. JennTheGamerMom says :

    That’s EXACTLY what I thought, Broot – we do know each other well…

  4. solodialogue says :

    Dang!! I knew I was going to guess wrong!! You are a sneaky one. But I do now feel I know you a little better. If only you’d post a picture now…

    This was a lot of fun. Thanks for cheering me girl! Ouch at age 23 for you. (I couldn’t breast feed either – no milk- so the little guy had lots of bottles which was just fine with me!)

  5. Shaunellshair says :

    Hey there! saw you on SITS. Love your blog! Have a great one!

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