I’m perturbed.

Big word, isn’t it. I used it instead of disturbed, which wasn’t quite the word I’m looking for. I’m not distressed. I’m confused.

I’ve run into a lot of blogs lately that proclaim the owners are freelance writers, past writers, wanna-be-writers, writers writers writers. I fall into the “past career writer” myself, since I was a technical writer in a past life.

Many of them are writing the exclusive best-selling novel.

Makes sense, really. People only write a lot when they want to be writers. (Writers write! That’s how the maxim goes.)

I like the argument that our blogs should be perfect so that potential employers can see what great writers/editors/proofreaders we are and hire us!  But my blog is mostly anonymous. I said mostly because I know that nothing online is completely anonymous.

I bet there’s lots of you who read my posts and go “what, seriously? SHE was a WRITER? I catch grammatical mistakes ALL THE TIME! And she doesn’t keep to a style guide! Does she even edit her posts?”

Heh. Well, that’s because I’m not writing this blog to catch a publishers attention. I’m just writing about stuff because I like to write. (But yes, I do edit. Maybe just not as thoroughly as I should.)

So why am I confused? I’m not sure.

Maybe it would help if I stated the purpose in me blogging about this topic?

My purpose was to say that I’ve noticed there’s all these bloggers about who are or want to be writers. And I don’t understand why I’m not one of them. Ah there we go.

I’m confused because I’m not one of them.  Although some of the bloggers did make me think “Maybe I should try writing a novel!” because at one point, the nine-year-old that I was wanted nothing more.  I’m feeling a bit conflicted, too, because I haven’t stated that as my blogging purpose and maybe I should be like the cool kids and say so, even if I don’t mean it? One wants to fit in, after all.

I’m also confused because aren’t we Writers simply because we write? Sometimes daily? Aren’t we published because the public can read what we wrote, simply by visiting our blog?

At any rate, it perturbs me that so many of us writers turn to this medium to write. I suppose in the past, we would have written in journals and diaries.  I suppose more writers do get read this way, even if they aren’t published in the traditional sense.

Maybe I’m more surprised than confused. Surprised that there are so many of us! Hmmm. Something to ponder.


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13 responses to “I’m perturbed.”

  1. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    The same has occurred to me, but then again, we’ve already established that we’re two peas in a pod, haven’t we 😉

    Bloggers are a specific type of writer, I think. We’re all journaling our experiences, thoughts, and desires. Usually (but not always) when people turn to writing anything in a serial form they have a good grasp of language and how to turn a phrase. Does that mean the majority of us should write a book even if we were capable of doing so? I don’t think so. However, I’d be willing to bet we’ve all, every last one of us, thought about it!

    I tend to follow bloggers who write in a thoughtful way, aren’t too “cute”, don’t pander to the vulgar, and most of all don’t make too many spelling and grammatical errors. Why? Because it drives me around the bend, and detracts from what they’re trying to say. I can’t get past it.

    Thought-provoking post 🙂

  2. JennTheGamerMom says :

    I’m a writer too! (and you know that – like the Jenn above, peas, pod. Hi, Other Jenn!)

    We’re writers. We’re self-published writers. Writers do not HAVE to be poets or novelists. Just writers. My 8yo is a writer. She can’t spell, she can’t type, and her handwriting is horrific, but she is a writer.


    • Broot says :

      LOL yes, Jenn? Meet Jenn. I think if the three of us got together much hilarity and fun would ensue. Pity we’re at the corners of the earth. 😉 Party at GamerJenn’s house!!! (it’s in the middle).

  3. solodialogue says :

    I do not profess to be a writer and most of the people who are bloggers that I do follow do not profess to be writers either. Just one. And she is actually a published writer. I think I’m just a fan of reading. If I write, I want to do it knowing that I would like to read what I’ve written. (Maybe not this comment- but generally)

    Now you have me wondering. What really qualifies one as a writer?

    • Broot says :

      A writer writes. Therefore, you are a writer, Karen! 😉 Perhaps not one who has aims to be a capital W writer, and that is perfectly okay.

      Perhaps, as Jenn mentions above, I tend to find more writers online because I’m naturally disposed towards the grammar? Also, you’re in a niche, blogging with a purpose and I’m not, really. So the people who find you and whom you follow tend to be in that same niche (but not always, cuz you’re here and I love you for it!)

  4. Amber says :

    I consider myself a writer. I might not technically be published but still. I write. Therefore, I’m a writer.

  5. nimue says :

    I can relate to this .. when I started , it was for fun then some where down the line i started planning the posts , looka nd the imapct it must have [ silly me ] but it became a little tiring .. luckily another blogger friend of mine got me back to right track ! He just said “write for yourself , your fun” and i indded took it to heart .. now good or bad, i write .,, for myself and to amuse me ! Of course I love when others read and appreciate but the hurt of being not read has been over come !!

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