Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. *Sigh* I don’t wait well.

It’s kinda like somebody telling you they’ve sent you a package in the mail.

For the first couple of weeks, you can be patient, because you know that it takes at least that long for the post office to process the package through all its checkpoints, deliver it to the postal centre nearest your town, process it again, and stick it on the Postie’s van. (In New Zealand the MailMan/Woman is called a Postie. And they ride bicycles. Unless they deliver packages, in which case they drive a van.)

But after that, the frustration and worry grows. Did the person remember to post it? Is it lost in the cavernous postal centre?  Did it get delivered to the wrong country?  Wrong address? What?

When you get to the three weeks point, it begins to feel like you’re in postage limbo.

And by about five weeks, all the excitement has gone and the actual arrival of the package is no longer as exciting as it was.

I think that’s going to happen here.  Theoretically, it only takes one business day for a letter to go from one city to the next here in New Zealand. And my letters (yes, plural) should have been sent on my Monday.  Actually, technically, one of the letters should have been sent a week ago, and the second on Monday.

So theoretically, we should be partying today. But no letters yet. *sigh*

The people in charge of the letters have given me verbal confirmation that I have, indeed, passed my course. (That’s what the party is about, you see.) But I wanna see it in writing. Because sometimes, things happen between verbal assurance and written assurance, you know?

And I want to write an absolutely fantastic partying post. With lots of pictures. And food. And celebrating. And dancing.

And now I’m worried that by the time my letters arrive, all of you watching and waiting with me will no longer be as excited. It will be a sad party. So now I’m sad.

I shouldn’t have said anything until the letter came. Bummer.

Can you pretend I didn’t do the other post?


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17 responses to “Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. *Sigh* I don’t wait well.”

  1. Latte Junkie says :

    What post??? I don’t remember any party post 😀

    I’ll wait in anticipation!!

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny says :

    Funny you write this, because I’ve been waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. It finally came yesterday! I hope your letters arrive today! 🙂

  3. Blond Duck says :

    We’ll just wait with you!

  4. Dianna says :

    I don’t remember any previous post, either! What are you talking about? I’m really getting excited to hear what the fuss is about?

    (Thanks for the tidbit about Posties on bicycles. I enjoy stuff like that!)

  5. JennTheGamerMom says :

    What other post then?

  6. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Post? Huh. Drawing a blank here…

  7. Broot says :

    LOL you guys crack me up. Thank you!!!

    In other news, here’s the song that is clearly all about my week:


  8. Teje says :

    Hello and thank you for your sweet comment! I know how you feel waiting the postman … one very important Christmas packet just didn’t come … and then one day after 2 months … there it was looking out from the mail box! I was extra happy! Now I was worried about my fabric present and it was a relief to get it in time!
    I wish you happy and sunny Easter week! Teje

  9. solodialogue says :

    Don’t you know that it never comes until you stop worrying?

    Now, I’ve drawn a blank. What were we talking about?

  10. Donna says :

    The waiting game…one I play most often…and usually have a losing hand. The anticipation is certainly relatable and I understand about the excitement dwindling as time goes by. All my best for the written words and receiving the written assurance that is, oh, so important. Hope it comes in the very near future so you “can party like it’s 1999”

  11. eof737 says :

    Hope the mail comes soon… though I will take your verbal and celebrate that fact.
    All will be well… 🙂

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