Friday Fragments

Some randomness while I’m away for the weekend…

* I saw a guy who had a string of plastic green grapes hanging from his rear view mirror. Two thoughts ran immediately through my head. First, how the heck does he see around those things, and second, that would be way cooler if they were real grapes and you could just pluck one off if you’re hungry.

*I’m so thrilled that all my online friends came and joined my party and pretended to have champagne with me. I mean, I know my party reason was pretty lame in the grand scheme of things but it was important to me, and I felt very supported by all of you. Thank you!!

*I’m going to the Playcentre Conference this weekend.  Thank goodness I’m not a delegate, because from the amount of side meeting requests that I’ve had, I’m not going to be in the main meeting at all for the whole time I’m there!! (I’m lucky if I’ll get to do the poroporoaki!)

* I went to my eye appointment today (Thursday). This is the first time since I was a teenager that I’ve gone the full 2 years without having to go! My astigmatism changes all the time on its own so I usually have to go more frequently. I’m much pleased with this. I had no changes! Healthy eyes! Yay!

* My awesomesauce Father-In-Law has lent me a netbook to take with me to Conference. I’m thrilled!!

* I need a phone with a dictaphone app or something for when I’m in the car and I think of things I need to do.  Be cool if I could just tell the phone to remember what I said! But alas, I don’t have an android, smartphone, blackberry or iPhone. Just an ordinary cheap phone.

*I’m super busy for the rest of this month so I might go off schedule.  I’ll do my best to post, though!

Have a great weekend everybody! See you next week!


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8 responses to “Friday Fragments”

  1. solodialogue says :

    Have a wonderful time at the conference! And congrats, once again for a great “party” and for celebrating your success with your bloggy buds!! 🙂

  2. cbeck says :

    “* I need a phone with a dictaphone app”

    Hmm… but can you leave yourself a voicemail? I used to do that. Sorry to have missed the party, but congratulations!

  3. Stacy says :

    I leave myself voicemails all the time! I also carry around a digital voice recorder – great $25 investment 😉 I can babble to my little heart’s content and then play it later!

  4. eof737 says :

    Enjoy your weekend and conference. Keep us posted on your blogging time away. 🙂

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