Is it fair to blame Murphy?

Murphy’s law came into effect for me twice this week.

The first one was on Saturday.  The Girl had lost her uniform shoes at school.  They were missing for several days.  The teacher suspected one of the other girls had hidden them inside the classroom, but they were nowhere to be found.

So we gave up and bought some more. The second (truly!) we took off the tags and wrote The Girl’s name inside them, her teacher called us at home. “Found them!!” she said.  “Of course you did!” I said. “Because we just bought new ones, took off the tags and named them!” 

This event was especially funny because we had only just seen that episode of “The Middle” where a universal remote was purchased to replace one that went missing “and once I open it, it is completely unrefundable!” and of course, was found the second the new remote was opened.

The second time was 3am Sunday morning.  It was funny in a funny-weird (not funny-haha) kind of way. I woke up to that infamous “chirp” from a dead smoke alarm battery.  And before I looked at the clock or even opened my eyes I thought to myself  “Figures. Why is it that smoke alarms always run out of battery at 3am?” Then I looked at the clock and was not surprised to discover it was 3:17am.

All this got me thinking about Murphy’s Law, which for the record, states “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”  But really, in my above two examples, it didn’t really go “wrong” as it were.  Not badly, at any rate.  Inconvenient? Absolutely.

Which also made me think of the common thing people say… “Blame Murphy!” because it’s his law, after all. But is it fair to blame Murphy for putting a name to what seems to be a basic law of nature?

After all, he just called it like it is. His own law was probably just as effective on him.

Had any Murphy’s Law events in your life lately?


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15 responses to “Is it fair to blame Murphy?”

  1. susan says :

    is it Murphy’s Law when you kid complains of a minor stomach ache/headache/itch, and you say, oh stop complaining, i’ll give you some Pamol, you’ll be fine…and then learn there’s a slapcheek epidemic sweeping the school?
    is it Murphy’s Law that says by putting yourhuge pile of wet clothes in the dryer because the sky is BLACK, that if you go out, even for half an hour, the sun will come out and stay out all day?
    is it Murphy’s Law that dictates that the clothes you bought last week on a flying visit to town, at full price because you were in a hurry, will be in the half price sale this week – right when you just made a second ‘quick dash’ to the shops….

  2. Broot says :

    I would say so!! Once I sent The Boy to school because I thought his stomachache was fake… and he puked on the teacher! Embarrassing. 😮

  3. bluecottonmemory says :

    LOL – isn’t parenting all about Murphy’s Law? I learned that on the days I have lunch with my aunt, all my boys text me for “Help.” That the minute I get back from errands, a sons texts to let me know he needs something for a project? Murphy wouldn’t exist without poor organization – which thrives at my house like poison ivy on the edge of the woods! LOL

  4. Lizzie says :

    I don’t know if it’s a British thing but we call is Sod’s Law more often than not, and yeah it IS inconvenient! “Toast will always land butter side down” – pain in the ass lol!!

  5. Lindsay says :

    For me, this law strikes when I am traveling and trying to capture the perfect picture without any other tourists, traffic, or other unpleasantries in it. Just as I am about to snap the shot, someone will stand directly in front of my subject, and stay there for what seems like forever!

  6. Lizbeth says :

    Murphy’s Law is one reason I try to keep my mouth shut. As soon as I say something (oh look its a gorgeous day!) it usually blows up in my face (que thunder storms) so I try to stay mum when I can!

  7. Blond Duck says :

    I would totally blame Murphy.

  8. solodialogue says :

    Here’s a variation of Murphy’s Law which explains most of my life choices… The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.

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