The Dreaded Lurgy

We've got the Lurgy!  (86/365)

We've got the Lurgy! Image by sally_monster via Flickr

I’ve got *that* bug that’s going around at the moment. It attacks your throat and tonsils and eventually removes your ability to talk with reasonable clarity and loudness.  I’ve been reduced to a mere whisper.

It’s easy to forget, during the wonderful time when there is no lurgy present, that we use our voice a lot. Well, I’ve remembered now.

Today, I can’t just call someone to ask whether they can fill in for another facilitator.  Had to email, and you and I both know that’s not always the best form of communication, especially for something that needs to be sorted NOW.

I couldn’t answer my husband this morning when he anxiously asked if I was okay from the other side of the bathroom wall. (I was hunting for anti-sore throat medication in the cupboard… even pamol would do!!) I had to open the door and nod.

The Boy had to do my talking for me when we had to stop in at the school office on the way into school to arrange the payment for his school trip.   “My mum can’t talk. Her throat is sore!”  Fortunately, the school knows all about the Dreaded Lurgy – both of my children’s teachers have it. Wonder where I got it from? Wonder no more. Darned school bugs.

At any rate, I’m feeling horrible, useless, and silent. And I have to figure out how to do a bunch of things without talking.  Such fun.


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13 responses to “The Dreaded Lurgy”

  1. susan says :

    i’ve had it. o’m over it. reminds me how much i growl…oops, i mean talk…

  2. Lizbeth says :

    Oh Nooooo!! Those bugs are awful! I hope you’re feeling better soon!!

  3. Blond Duck says :

    Feel better soon!

  4. solodialogue says :

    Gargle with warm salt water, rest, have some hot tea. Make hubby your personal slave… Lots of pain meds and sleep. I hate winter!! (It’s nearly summer here and I too have a sore throat right now but not a “lurgy”!) Thanks for teaching me a new word (again). Hope you are better in no time! (My hubs prefers when I can’t talk – imagine that!)

    • Broot says :

      My kids think it is extremely amusing, too!! I have been resting all week but today I’m working and tomorrow I’m driving up to Auckland to start C5. I must be insane.

      • changingmoods says :

        I agree with the tip to drink hot tea. Putting a lozenge into it (something like Ricola) helps also. I drink echinacea tea during times like this and it really helps.

        I hope you feel better soon!

      • Broot says :

        I wonder if we get Ricola here. Will have to check. Thanks! I am feeling better now.

  5. ElizOF says :

    Do feel better… still fighting mine too. 🙂

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