It’s all about the warm fuzzies…

As my frequent readers know, I have a very very laden satsuma orange tree(and very soon, a very laden valencia orange tree as well.)  Both are well within reach of any passer-by.

satsuma mandarins from my tree

A few winters ago, hubby & I were very cross. The neighbourhood children and various passers-by had stripped our tree of the (not quite ripe!) satsumas before we even had a taste! I complained loudly to my neighbours about it and attached a cardboard sign to the tree. It read:

“We don’t mind sharing, but please, wait until they’re RIPE, and ASK first!!”

Many people understood waiting until they were ripe. They were glad we were willing to share, but they didn’t understand why they still had to ask first.

“Because,” I said. “Sometimes hubby climbs the tree and takes down several bags and takes them out to our neighbours.  If you’ve already asked to take a bag, I’m not going to burden you with another bag that will go rotten before you can eat them all, when your neighbour has none and could use them right now.

“Because that way I know to keep half an eye out on the tree… if you fall out and hurt yourself, I’ll be able to help you.  I can’t see the tree from my living room. If you fall out and no one comes walking by, you might be stuck there for awhile!

“Because if you come to ask, I can say hi, and ask how you’re doing, and comment on the weather. Maybe I have a piece of neighbourhood gossip to share. Maybe I have news!”

At last, I was understood.

Now my neighbours come knock on my door when they want some satsumas. I only turn them down when the satsumas are still green. There is more than enough for all of us on our one tree.

The best part is, they share a bit of their day with me. Sometimes they bring kiwifruit or veggies from their garden to share. We have a bit of a chat.  And after they’ve got their satsumas, we all have warm fuzzies.

And it’s all about the warm fuzzies.


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4 responses to “It’s all about the warm fuzzies…”

  1. Lizbeth says :

    We had an apple tree and we had to ask the same thing!!! And it is all about the warm fuzzies.

    ps–I”m glad you were wrong about the little boy. you were good to say something.

  2. solodialogue says :

    What the heck girl? Aren’t we bloggy “neighbors” on WordPress? (Sigh) I guess I just get the virtual satsumas… The tree looks amazing! I should plant my own mandarin tree here. I think it might make it! 🙂

    • Broot says :

      LOL you know that California has very very strict fruit import rules… If I sent them, not only would you not get them, I’d probably be fined for trying! 😉 Virtual satsumas it is. 🙂

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