I … glup … wanna … sob … go HOME! *sob sob*


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I was at a conference/meeting today. It started on Friday and ends Sunday. I only went for today (Saturday), though.

It was supposed to be a team building thing and an “improving bicultural practice” thing.

Something that, when you go home, you feel uplifted and enthusiastic and inspired.

But as I got into the car to go home, that’s not how I felt.

I felt like a little kid who was crying and sobbing, hiccuping with tears, saying between the sobs that “I want to go home!”

It wasn’t that I didn’t feel welcomed by the rest of the team. They were very welcoming and inclusive, despite me being late.

And I can’t say that anything went horribly wrong. It didn’t.

There was food, there was water. There was time to stretch, time to talk with my friends, time to get a bit of business done.

And I learned new things, I was comfortably drawn out of my comfort zone (but not too far).

People hugged me goodbye when I left, so it’s not like I left on a bad note, either.

And yet.

Instead of uplifted, enthusiastic and inspired, I was discouraged, sad, and pessimistic.

Hormones? Maybe.

Picking up some vibe in the room that I wasn’t consciously aware of? Dunno.

But something seriously didn’t work for me today. 😦


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15 responses to “I … glup … wanna … sob … go HOME! *sob sob*”

  1. Donna says :

    Awww. (hugs) ❤

  2. Dianna Graveman says :

    Stuff like this has happened to me, too. I had dinner with 3 former coworkers recently, and I really looked forward to it. We’ve always been so supportive of each other, and I thought I’d come away feeling uplifted and motivated to keep trudging on. I felt the same way you did by the time we parted ways. I couldn’t put my finger on the reason, I only knew that I would probably decline the next invitation to meet up with this group. What happens to us? Maybe, like you said, it’s hormones or some vibe we pick up from others. At any rate, hope things pick up for you today!

  3. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Funny, “hormones” flashed through my mind when I started reading it too 🙂 Being no doubt close to peri-menopause I’ve gotten seriously hormonal the last few years, and can pretty much pick out what week I’ll be out of sorts now. It used to be that I’d just get cranky, but now I’ve got an emotional craps shoot going so it’s weepy, lonely, angry/annoyed, amorous… whatever isn’t called for in any given situation mostly. Not so severe that I need meds or a rubber room of course, but I know myself well enough to know I shouldn’t be making any major decisions at that time, haha.

    Hopefully that was all it was for you – just an “off” time. *hugs* to you and your inner child all the same 🙂

    • Broot says :

      yes, I’m at Perimenopause – early, unfortunately. (Doctors kept saying – “You’re too young for this, but…”) so that’s highly likely, which was why hormones was my first guess. And since everybody else who was there has been raving about having a good time, it was clearly just me!

  4. solodialogue says :

    Well, how’s the weather? Maybe that’s got you down… or like everyone else, hormones. Sometimes, a nice shot of Vitamin C from a good ripe mandarin will do the trick! 😉 Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. eof737 says :

    Hope your week ahead improves… It could have been anything really; a small trigger somewhere. 🙂

  6. Blond Duck says :

    You need some pie!

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