This is my home, O Canada!

Two nanaimo bars on a blue plate

Two nanaimo bars on a blue plate - Image via Wikipedia

Last Friday was Canada Day.  144 years of Canada. (How gross, ha ha ha… get it?)

I made nanaimo bars for the very first time. Yum!

I sang a lot of Canadian songs for the kids. Like

Land of the Silver Birch

The Canadian version of This land is Your Land

Canadian, Please

The Hockey Song

and I even found a few versions of “This is my home, Oh Canada” which I sung with a bunch of choirs at Expo ’86.

Yesterday, we hung out with the local (but unofficial) Canadian club. They get together every Canada Day weekend. We wore our Team Canada hockey jerseys.  People knew to ask me where in Vancouver I was from, instead of assuming that I was from downtown Vancouver.  I didn’t have to translate myself.  One of the main topics was “how long have you been here and when were you last home?” It was great to hear all the different Canadian accents. There was even a lovely lady from New Brunswick with her lovely East Coast accent.

On the way home, Hubby asked if I was homesick. And after I thought about it, I wasn’t. Funny that. I was happy that I got to commiserate with my fellow Canucks about kiwi idiosyncracies, but not homesick.

Then I realised that the title of this post has two meanings.  “This is my home: it’s Canada”, but also, “New Zealand is my home, oh Canada.” 🙂  Fitting, because I can totally identify with both.


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4 responses to “This is my home, O Canada!”

  1. solodialogue says :

    Wow, those nanaimo bars look yummy! Glad you had a chance to bond with your fellow Canadians. I have not been to Canada for many, many years but I grew up as your sort of neighbor – in Spokane! Happy belated Canada Day! 🙂

  2. changingmoods says :

    I agree. Those nanaimo bars look delicious! Glad you got to enjoy Canada Day, though you’re not in Canada. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you can enjoy the holiday spirit!

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