Numb fingers

It’s hard to type with numb fingers. Too cold to navigate around a keyboard.  It’s so easy to write a post in my head, but when I get to the keyboard my fingers are too slow and my brain never remembers the exact words that made the post so perfectly witty, timely, and shareable.

It’s hard to get up in the morning when the bed is nice and warm and the air in the house is cold. (No central heating here in NZ!!). The children think it is funny to run around in the morning pretending to be dragons breathing smoke.  I just want to stay in bed or huddle by the heater.

It’s hard to start any exercises when the air’s this cold. Knowing that the cold air will be lovely by the time I’m warmed up and in the middle of it doesn’t help. Starting is difficult.

It’s hard not to sing Christmas carols when it’s this cold. I know it’s July, but my brain equates cold with Christmas, and since it’s cold, it must be time for Christmas carols.  (But hey, we’re going to the Tauranga Mid-Winter Christmas next week!)

It’s hard not to spend all my time in the kitchen baking (sugary and fattening) goodies.  When the oven is on the house is warm and the smell is so inviting.

It’s hard to stay on track with my work. All I want to do is huddle on the couch near the heater and watch TV and stay warm.

It’s hard not to think of summer. Especially when all my North American friends are posting about all the fun they’re having at the beach and in the sun.

It’s hard not to daydream about magically insulating my house, double-glazing the windows, and installing central heating. And perhaps magically adding an extension to the house with a new master bedroom and an ensuite bathroom. Nice.

If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen with a nice hot cup of chai, baking cookies, and later I’m parking my butt in front of the heater with my laptop.  See ya!


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8 responses to “Numb fingers”

  1. Blond Duck says :

    It’s so hot here I can’t imagine cold!

  2. saretta says :

    I feel for you! I hate the cold. It’s good and hot over here in southern Italy right now, maybe you should consider an Italian vacation? 😉

    Visiting from SITS!

  3. Lizbeth says :

    I’ll stop talking about all the heat and sun, will that help?!? 🙂 And I’m with you–my sister is living in Australia now and she can’t get over it being hot for Christmas. She can’t bring herself to sing carols when she’s sweating!!!

  4. solodialogue says :

    The Tauranga Mid Winter Christmas looks like loads of fun! It’s so weird to me still to hear how cold you are but a good cup of hot chai can always boost your spirits – even when it’s 105 here – I have to have my hot tea every day! (No central heat?! I would never leave the bed!)

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