On driving late at night on the highway

Highway by night.

Highway by night. Image by ~fint via Flickr

Dear person in the car that is at the head of a huge line of cars,

I get that you’re only doing 80km/h because that’s the ideal for petrol usage. But for those of us behind you that are quite happy to waste our petrol and go the 100km/h limit, will ya please pull over and let us pass? Seriously, the line up behind you is over a kilometre long.


Dear person driving in the car behind me,

You see that car, about 5 cars ahead of me? Yeah, him. He’s the one doing 80km/h in a 100km/h zone. There is no point in tailgating me to show your frustration. There’s nothing *I* can do about it.


Addendum to car at head of kilometre long highway line…

Doing 80km/hr when no one can pass you, and then 100km/h because there is the possibility someone will pass you on the straightaway is seriously uncool.


Dear big logging truck behind 80km/h car,

The people behind you would really like to pass the twit in front of you but can’t because there’s no passing lane and you’re too big.  Can you help us out, please?


Dear new car behind me after angry car managed to play chicken with oncoming traffic and get around the logging truck and 80km/h car,

Mate!?! Have you got your brights on? It looks like high noon on the inside of my car!


Dear highway patrol officer,

Where the hell are ya? Can’t you see we’ve got a road rage incident brewing here?


Addendum to car behind me…

You DO have your brights on… now all the oncoming traffic are blinding me while they flick their brights so you’ll turn yours off.  Stop blinding me!  Ahhhh. Much better. Thank you.


Dear huge line up of cars behind me,

Where the hell did you go? Slow car is still in front of me!! No fair not sharing the escape route!!


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4 responses to “On driving late at night on the highway”

  1. Aleta says :

    LOL at the patrol officer comment. What a great “Dear letter” lists. I could picture it happening.

    Visiting from SITS 🙂

  2. solodialogue says :

    You said it SOOOO much nicer than I could have! I know the feeling. (Hope you are keeping warm!) 🙂

  3. eof737 says :

    What a riot… I feel your pain! 😆

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