Rude Awakenings


Bunny Image by Mandajuice via Flickr

2am. I was really asleep. So asleep that external stimuli got embedded into my own dream.

In my dream, something called “Mum!!” and whacked me on the back. In my dream, I told whomever it was off quite rudely.  But then it happened again, and this time, my brain registered that it was external stimuli and reacted by catapulting me out of the bed with my heart racing.

My Girl stood by my bed, white as a sheet and clutching her tummy.

Uh oh.

We rushed to the bathroom just in time for That Cough. Experienced parents will read that and nod their heads knowingly.

It’s a short, staccato cough that comes from the diaphragm. Sometimes it sounds kinda wet.

And if you hear it, you have approximately 5 seconds (or less!!) to manoevre your child’s mouth above a toilet or other vomiting receptacle, because otherwise you, your carpet, or other less desirable place is about to be covered in vomit.

Fortunately, we made it in time.

I never did get back to sleep, though.



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10 responses to “Rude Awakenings”

  1. Aleta says :

    I’m so sorry you had a disrupted night and that your daughter isn’t feeling well. Hope both of you can take the time for a nap today!

  2. susan says :

    oh yes I know that one…sympathy (and congratulations on a good save!)

  3. solodialogue says :

    So sorry. 😦 Hope she is feeling better quickly and that you are taking a nap and not reading this comment!

  4. bluecottonmemory says :

    No matter how long I have been a mom – I still get freaked out by voices talking to me in the night! LOL – I hope your little one is feeling better – and you’re heart has stopped racing!

    BTW – Thanks for the sweet comment on SITS for my DAY! – Would you believe they got my name wrong? It’s Maryleigh, not Melissa! Congrats on the #1 Spot of the Day! Despite the wrong name, it was an amazing experience!

  5. lizgizzy says :

    Thanks for stopping by from SITS. So sorry about your little one….

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