If I could have one thing that I don’t currently have…


It would be a piano. Not a keyboard, but a proper piano.

I miss being able to sit down and pound out my anger with a Rachmaninoff piece, or lift up my happy heart with a wee sonatina.

I miss letting my fingers roam across the keyboard, experimenting with sound.

I miss singing along to my favourite madrigals, movie songs, librettos and all those things.

Why don’t I have a piano?  There isn’t enough room in this small house.

So I wait, and yearn.

Inspired by The Daily Post.


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10 responses to “If I could have one thing that I don’t currently have…”

  1. Robin says :

    What about a keyboard that you can pack up in the back of the cupboard when you’re not using it?

  2. Dianna Graveman says :

    I have a piano–the one that my parents bought when I was a child. But although my house is big enough for the piano, it’s not big enough to keep the piano in a room far away from where the rest of the family gathers in the den or kitchen. And I’m very rarely home when no one else is, so I can’t bring myself to want to play. I always feel like I’m disturbing someone, especially if they’re trying to watch television. It’s a conundrum! But reading your post reminds me to sneak those few precious moments that occur just every now and then when I am home for 10 minutes before everyone else to sit with my piano and enjoy.

  3. lizgizzy says :

    Having music in a house that someone is actually playing is such a wonderful thing…..

  4. Kat says :

    I miss your playing too!

  5. eof737 says :

    You may come play ours… I wish I had time to take lessons again… 😉

  6. Blond Duck says :

    I had a keyboard when I was six and loved it!

  7. Amber says :

    I don’t have a piano either. We do have a very loud keyboard that I have to hide when the kids get too crazy with it.

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